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08 Jun, 2010 11:27 AM

Laura slowly swung back and forth on her backyard swing, she watched a boy walk past her backyard fence, but she didn't know him...
"Hey, hey you." She said.
The boy looked at her and waved. "Hi." He said, smiling.
Laura walked to the fence, her brown hair swayed in the wind. "I'm Laura." She said, introducing herself.
"I'm Matthew." Matthew said. "Just call me Matt." He smiled.
"Cool." Laurua replied. "Have you been around a lot? I've never seen you before."
"Oh, I'm here and there." Matt said.
"What's that mean?" She seemed confused.
"Oh nothing." Matt said, wiping his hand down his sweater.
"Aren't you hot in that sweater? I mean, it's the middle of summer." Laura noted.
Matt sighed. "I get cold easily." He said, putting the hood over his head.
"Hmm, want to come play with me in the backyard?" Laura asked.
Matt nodded. "Ok."
"Want to phone your parents so they know you're here?" Laura asked.
Matt shook his head. "No, it's fine." He walked to the swing.
Laura walked around behind him. "I'll push you."
"Sure, ok." Matt smiled.
Laura pushed Matt on the swing once he was up. "Ooh, you are cold, I can feel it under your sweater..." Laura blew in her hands and rubbed them together, she started shaking. "Now I'm cold" She whispered.
Matt got off the swing. "I'm sorry, here." He took his sweater off and put it on Laura's shoulders. "I should go.." Matt said, running off.
Laura walked inside.
Her mom looked at her. "LAURA!" Her mother screamed, grabbing Laura's arm, she threw her in the back of the car and took her to the doctor.
The doctor told Laura's mum that Laura had caught a kind of disease from a spirit, there was no cure, but she had to prey Laura would make it through the night.

Laura got worse, her face turned a pale blue with dark orange spots, eventually she died in her own home.
Laura's mother looked at the sweater Laura used, she looked up the adress and found it was the neighbour.
She walked to the door and talked to them.
"Here, I think this is your sons." Laura's mother said.
"Oh yes it is, how did it get out of his dresser from upstairs?" Matt's mother asked.
"Maybe he took it and came over." Laura's mom suggested.
"No, no," Matt's mother stampped her foot on the ground. "Matthew's been dead for over 6 years. He couldn't have."
"Well take his sweater." Laura's mom dropped it on the door steps.
"This whole 'got it from a spirit thing' couldn't be true... could it?" Laura's mom thought.
A few seconds later, she felt cold, she starts coughing and sneezing, had she got this from the sweater or Laura?

Over the night, the mother died, the docotor told the father, it was from the sweater, it was passed down by the boy.

Over the time, no one went near the neibours house in that town, and soon, everyone in Laura's family was never seen again...

[There is no such thing as the illness I made it up. Please enjoy it. :) and I know there wasn't really a love plot in this one, but this one is mainly about death...]

Tags: Sickness, Death, Fairy
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Angel says:
16 Jun, 2010 08:30 PM

Really good story, the disease thing was creative

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Someone You Dont Know says:
10 Jul, 2010 05:49 AM

it scared me i feel like hes gonna come to my house.......

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