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Friendships Last Forever


14 Sep, 2015 03:11 AM

It was karate that night, and I enjoy doing it every Thursday. I met a new student that night, however. The moment we said our first "hello," to each other, we knew we would be friends. Possibly for life, and beyond. I feared my parents would never accept him, however, so we decided to keep our friendship a secret from my parents. We got along very well, and we hung out a few times at his place. I had a cover for it, though, so my parents never suspected a thing. We became the best of friends, and nothing could break our bond together. But one day, me and my friend went out drinking with a few more of our buds. I was a smart kid, so I knew that I shouldn't drink too much, or I would get a really bad hangover the next day. It wasn't very tasty... [Read More]

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08 Jun, 2010 11:27 AM

Laura slowly swung back and forth on her backyard swing, she watched a boy walk past her backyard fence, but she didn't know him... "Hey, hey you." She said. The boy looked at her and waved. "Hi." He said, smiling. Laura walked to the fence, her brown hair swayed in the wind. "I'm Laura." She said, introducing herself. "I'm Matthew." Matthew said. "Just call me Matt." He smiled. "Cool." Laurua replied. "Have you been around a lot? I've never seen you before." "Oh, I'm here and there." Matt said. "What's that mean?" She seemed confused. "Oh nothing." Matt said, wiping his hand down his sweater. "Aren't you hot in that sweater? I mean, it's the middle of summer." Laura noted. Matt sighed. "I get cold easily." He said, putting the hood over his head. "Hmm, want to come play with me in the backyard?" Laura asked. Matt nodded. "Ok." "Want... [Read More]

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