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Love Of A Mother

Vina Angeline Waruwu

09 Dec, 2011 12:10 AM

The road has been hobbled, because she was already more than 70 years, so if she had any choice at all, she is rarely able and willing to leave the house. Although she had a daughter, she was staying in a nursing home, because her presence is not desired.

Still remembered by her, when the father of the child ran away after being her pregnant without going to take responsibility for his actions. In addition, the family demanded that she abort the unborn child, because his family was ashamed to have a daughter who was pregnant before marriage, but she still defended it, and therefore she was expelled from her parents' home. In addition to the shame that should be on the responsibility, she had to work hard at the factory to finance her life. When she gave birth to her daughter, no one was with her. She does not get sweet kisses and congratulations from anyone else, she got only fear, because raising an illegitimate baby without a father, she knew it's gonna be hard. Nevertheless she was happy once she gets blessings from God in which he had given a daughter. She promised to give all the love she has for her daughter, so that her daughter was given the name of Love.

All afternoon she had to work hard in the factory and at night she had to sew up late, because it is an additional income that she could get. Sometimes she had to sew until 2 am, sleep more than 4 hours a day was a luxury that is something she never got. Even on Saturday and Sunday she is still working as a restaurant waitress. This she did so that she can pay for school fees of her beloved daughter. She did not want to marry again, because she still hoped, that at some point the father of her daughter will come back again to him, besides she did not want to give to her daughter a stepfather.

Since she gave birth to her daughter she became a vegetarian, because she did not want to buy meat, it's too expensive for her, money for the meat, she set aside for his daughter. For herself she never wanted to buy new clothes, she always accepted and wore clothes of people, but for her beloved daughter, only the best and nicest she gave, from clothing to food. At one time she fell ill, a fever as the outcome of a very cold weather in the winter before Christmas. She has promised to give a bike as a Christmas gift for her daughter, but it turns out the money she had collected yet was inadequate. She did not want to disappoint her daughter, and therefore although the extreme cold weather, even in a state of sick and weak, she still forced herself to go out and work. Since that time she got rheumatic diseases, so often her body is very painful at all. She wants to pamper her and give only the best for her daughter even though for this she must sacrifice, so under the circumstances she was ill or not ill she still kept working, during her life she never missed work, it was for her beloved daughter.

Because of the struggle and sacrifice her daughter was finally able to continue her studies outside the city. There her daughter fell in love with a young man who was the son of a famous business tycoon. Her daughter never wanted to admit that she still has the old woman. She felt ashamed that she had been left by her real father and she felt ashamed of having a mother who worked as a maid, who was only a dishwasher in the restaurant. That is why she said to her husband that her parents had died.

At the time her daughter got married, her mother could only see from afar, and then during the wedding ceremony in the church, she was not invited, even her presence was not desired. She sat in a corner of the rear seat in the church, as she prayed that God will always protect and bless her beloved daughter. Since then many years she had not heard from her daughter, because she was abandoned and not allowed to contact her daughter. One day she read in the newspaper that her daughter had given birth to a son, she was happy to hear the news that she now has a grandchild. She longed to be able to hug and hold her grandson once, but this was unlikely, because she can not be step on her daughter's home. For this she prayed to God every day, so she could get a chance to see and meet with her child and grandchild, because of her desire so great to be able to see the daughter and grandson, she applied using a false name to be a maid in the family home of her daughter.

She felt happy, because her application was accepted and allowed to work there. At home her daughter and she could be holding her grandson, but not as grandma of her grandson, but only as a servant of the family. She felt grateful to God, that he had granted her request. At the home of her daughter, she never received special treatment, even pets were much more loved by her daughter than herself. In addition she was often yelled at and insulted by her daughter, her own flesh and blood, whenever this happens she can only pray, crying on within her little room behind the kitchen. She prays that God would forgive her, she prayed that punishment not be delegated to her daughter, she prayed so that the punishment would be given to her, because she loved her daughter.

After working many years as a maid without anyone knowing who she was at home, eventually her illness did not allowed her to work anymore. Her daughter-in-law felt indebted to this faithful old servant, so he gives her a chance to spend the rest of her life in a nursing home. For ten years she could not meet again with her beloved daughter. The retirement money that she got she always set aside for her daughter, thinking who knows at some point she might need her help. In the past few days before Christmas, she fell ill again, but this time she felt that her time is not long anymore. She felt that her end was approaching. Only one wish that she had to come true before she died, is to be able to meet her daughter again. In addition, she wanted to give all the deposits she has collected during his life, as a last gift to his daughter.

The temperature outside had reached 17 degrees below zero and snow was falling thick, let alone humans, animals at this time do not want to leave the house again, because the outcome is very cold, but the old grandmother is still forcing herself to go to the home of her daughter. She wants to be with her daughter once more for the last time. Shivering with cold, she waited for a bus for hours. She had to change buses twice, because the distance of the nursing home where she lived was far away from her daughter's home. A trip that was not easy for an elderly grandmother who was in a state of dying any day.

Arriving at her daughter's home in a state of fatigue and cold, she knocked on her daughter's home and found her own sewed carpet opened at the door of the house where her daughter lived. Is this the unspoken welcome of her daughter? Is she gonna get the feeling of happiness of being reunited with her daughter ? No! In fact she admonished: "You have worked in our home many years as a maid, do you not know that there is a special door for the maid, it is the door at the rear of the house!"

"My beautiful, your mother came to visit and just want to give a Christmas gift for you. I want to see you once again, perhaps the last time, may I go a little while, because the outside was cold and snowing. Your mother is not strong anymore my pretty "said the old woman. "Sorry I do not have time, in addition to that soon we will receive high-ranking guests, another time. And the next time the phone should come first, do not carelessly come just like that!" After the door closed with a bang. She cast away her own mother, as like as someone drives a beggar.

After a few moments later the bell sounds again, it turns out that there are people willing to borrow the phone in her daughter's home "Excuse me ma'am, can we borrow the phone briefly to call to the police station, because at the bus stop in front of you house, an old woman died there, apparently she was dead cold! "

This old lady is not just a cold dead bodily, but also cold dead feelings. She longed very much for the warmth of affection of once a beloved daughter who she never got over her life. A mother gave birth to and raise their children with loving without expecting any strings attached. A mother can and are able to give time for 24 hours a day for their children, no sense of day or night, no words as tired or not possible and she can go on like this forever. A mother praying and remembering her child every day even every minute, and all the time. Not just once a year just on a certain day. Why we are only able and willing to deliver flowers and gifts to our mothers only on Mother's Day. While on other days not ever remember it, how to give gifts, to call it we do not have time.

They would be happier if give our mothers little time from us, when there are far greater value than flowers and gifts. Think about it: When was the last time we called her? When we last invited the mother? When was the last time we took our mother for a walk? And when was the last time we gave kisses with thanks to our mothers? And when was the last time we pray for our mothers?

In conclusion: Give affection when our mother is alive, it's useless if we give flowers and cry when she has left, because she will not be able to see it.

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love is hard says:
01 Jul, 2012 03:26 PM

man the grammar!!!! first of all , "he" is for guys. ''SHE'' is for girls and the grammar is horrible!!!! man!!!! it took me 2 hours to read the first paragraph and then i stopped. i seriously dont mean to me mean or rude but u have to fix all of that

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Terra says:
16 Jul, 2012 09:30 PM

I'm guessing English isn't your first language? This is a great story, but I recommend having someone who speaks your language and English fluently proofread this.

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Abyss says:
17 Jul, 2012 01:33 PM

I love the story!! It's so freaking sad. D: But you do have to fix the grammar like what love is hard said (: But considering the grammar, the story is GREAT.

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arianne khaye says:
10 Oct, 2012 06:46 AM

the story is great.. but it seriously took me a long time to understand cos i thought you were referring to the father, you often use "he" which is for boys... but either way, great story dude..

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Amy Duncam says:
12 May, 2013 02:51 AM

that is the saddest story i ever read!

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Nina Delgado says:
14 May, 2013 05:02 AM

even though the grammar is, you know, It is still the best story. thank you for sharing it. :)

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Lula taju says:
18 May, 2013 06:22 AM

Owww i don’t know what say!!!!

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