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03 Dec, 2011 05:24 PM

From the first time I was born and was placed between your warm caring arms, I knew you were the Mom who no one could ever beat. My eyes were blurry and tiny for we are Asian. I tried to make your face out but couldn't. Though I couldn't, I knew you'd be the best and the prettiest. Mommy, we are on the verge of losing our house. I'm really scared. I sat on Daddy's lap and he told me that you go to work everyday just to be able to make a few cents to keep the family safe. Daddy's tears hit my cheeks but I never understood why he was crying. I am 5 years old now Mommy. I'm so happy to know that you throw Birthday parties. I love the cake! Do you remember when I didn't know what a present was and I said I would get you a present instead even though it was my Birthday? I love it when you smile Mommy. You are even prettier and it makes me feel good to make you smile. Smile always Mommy?

I was 7. Daddy was really mad. Why was he mad Mommy? I was inside my room when I heard Daddy screaming out who the man was in this picture and you were crying. Mommy, I wish I could tell Daddy to stop yelling at you. Daddy makes me mad.

I am 15 now. I am in Middle School and a A+ student. I get so excited to come home and show you my report cards. When I think back to what Daddy had said to you when I was 7, Mommy... Who was the man in the picture? And why was Daddy so mad? You won't answer me but I hope that Daddy doesn't make you cry again. I feel much stronger now that I am older. I will protect you Mommy!

Mommy, why does Daddy come home drunk? I hate it the smell. I'm sorry Mommy for being scared of protecting you! Daddy, abuses you so much Mommy. Can we run away from him?

Daddy tried to hit me with a bat because he was drunk again Mommy but thanks to God you were there to protect me. Mommy? I am scared...

Daddy came home again today... He was really mad today... It was only 2 more days until it was your birthday Mommy! I was so excited! I saved all my lunch money just so I could buy you a necklace. I walked home from school to find Daddy waiting on the porch. He wasn't drunk, thank god but he was irritated. I asked him why but he just told me to back off. Mommy, why does Daddy hate me?

So... You came home after a long day of work. Daddy sat on the couch holding the Bat and it seems like he was irritated with you Mommy. Is something wrong? I went to talk to Daddy about a Field Trip and I wanted to get permission from the both of you. Daddy gave me a nasty, scary stare. Mommy, why is dad... Daddy pushed me up against the wall and started beating me with the Bat.

God, why didn't Daddy stop?

I cried to myself.
WHY?! WHY DID YOU PROTECT ME MOMMY?! Now you are in the hospital and what am I supposed to do to help Mommy?! I'm so sorry Mommy. I'm so sorry! Please, get well soon. I will stay with you until you get better Mommy... I have a present for you this time... Now it is your birthday...

I told you a story while you sleep in the hospital. I made you remember Mommy. I made you cry Mommy. I made you hurt Mommy. But I will never leave your side Mommy. I'll always take care of you and love you.

*18 Years Old*
"Do you remember the first time we were in the hospital? You wrapped me in your arms and all I could do was stare at you?"

*wraps my arms around my Mom's waist and sleeps on her arms*

"Mom... I love you."

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