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Very nice,i can easily see this as a longer story maybe even a book.You should go for it.
Wait<what do youi mean?
but your still alive?
Holy hell
So goddamn true
Our elders say that we "kids" dont know love.But we know it better than they do,stay strong and ignore all those idiots who will leave you snide comments.
I am about your age,a year older.I know how you feel,im a listener.People come to me to talk,but when its my turn to tlak no one listens.If you need to talk email me at,i warn u though,im grounded right now so i wont be on as much
I am known in my family as a excellent listener.If you need to talk and need advice still please email me at,thanks
I am crying,seriously crying.In public even.Your story has touched me in ways you couldnt imagine.I thought of me and my boyfriend as i read it,how he has left me.If you need to talk please respond to this comment and i can leave you my email.
Warning to nayone reading this,do not listen to music ass you read it,you ,may not stop crying.
This is a beautiful story,i am in a place right now where i love someone yet i like another.Now i must choose,can i love the other or will it stay where it is.The first man has broken me once already,people dissaprove of our love.But you have the freedom i do not have.Good luck.
I hope you can read this,and please if you do respond.I know all to well how you feel.I lost my mother in 2008 and then my grandmother in 2009.From the time i was about 3 to 8 i was mentally and physicaaly abused.I am bisexual,none of my friends know,family.My grandparents don't tolerate gay/lesbian or bisexual.They call them demonic and shout and scream at them.It hurts to have to hide,i lost my girlfriend because i couldnt tell my family.I hate hiding,i always have tis feeling in my chest.Its not lonliness,not a broken heart.Its like my soul is being tortured,and i feel
I am so sorry,you lost your best friend,he his girlfriend.I lost a mother,and 2 fiances.I loved them both,but i was to late to save them to.I hope you are all right.:)
Oh my god......................
I know how you feel but go to the police.Do something to get away everyone can help if you look hard enogh.Good luck fight him for your sake.
Tip to any1 reading this ...dont listen to sad music while reading this it makes you feel even worse
I am so sorry,that is really hard.Believe i can relate.
Can't stop listening....