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Description: Its a sad love story of two people falling in love and being committed to each other and the unexpected death of one of them.Also a msg for equal right for everyone to this..this is really good

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Lilith says:
26 Nov, 2012 04:26 PM

I hope you can read this,and please if you do respond.I know all to well how you feel.I lost my mother in 2008 and then my grandmother in 2009.From the time i was about 3 to 8 i was mentally and physicaaly abused.I am bisexual,none of my friends know,family.My grandparents don't tolerate gay/lesbian or bisexual.They call them demonic and shout and scream at them.It hurts to have to hide,i lost my girlfriend because i couldnt tell my family.I hate hiding,i always have tis feeling in my chest.Its not lonliness,not a broken heart.Its like my soul is being tortured,and i feel that because of who and how i am that i am not allowed to be loved.That my existence is a crime a sin.We all have a right to love whom ever we want.I support you,your supporterrs.I am so terribly sorry for your loss,i couldnt hold on like you are.Thank you for sharing your story,and good luck.

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Janeth Shayo says:
28 Dec, 2012 09:33 AM

this video has inspired me in so many ways, I will be there by your side to fight for gay rights. No one should be put through something like this......

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