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I Hope You Are Happy


04 Jun, 2013 01:49 AM

I’m a 16th yo girl and fell in love with a 25th yo guy. He is from India and I’m from Indonesia. Here is my story. We met on the biggest social network facebook. I got an advice from my friend to add him, so I did. That day was only 2 more days before my 15th birthday. He started conversation by sending me message on the chatbox. “Hi” “hello” “how are you” “um,,I'm fine,you?” That was the first conversation between me and him. I thought it wouldn’t be longer. But I was wrong, he kept on sending me some casual messages at morning and night. We started to talk about hobby and our favorite things. To be honest, he was really polite to me (as many guys are always talks rude in social networks) and I liked him. But only “like” no more feelings. Day by day passes, we... [Read More]

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Falling out of love..


09 May, 2012 07:57 AM

Hi, my name is natalie. you can call me Nat. Here is my story. August 22, 2010. Me and my classmate went to our school gym. There were some festivities coming up in our town. Our school always joins. So a few of my classmates joined the school dance troupe. I for one was not in any way joining. I don't like dancing, I never did, and I never will. Anyway, as we went to the gym my friend asked me "Hey nat, ever thought of falling in love?" I smiled and simply said "No, I don't believe in love". When we reached the school gym it was packed with students watching the troupe rehearsing. Some were just standing, some were sitting on the bleachers. We wanted to talk to our classmates after the rehearsal. So we sat on the bleachers and waited. The dancers changed their positions, the music... [Read More]

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