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A love that could (never) be


10 Aug, 2010 12:37 AM

I've been getting bored a lot with life and thing's. It felt like there was nothing to do... One day I found this site on my cellphone and decided to try it out. I signed up and immediately started getting messages and I was replying. This one guy really stood out from the rest, he was really sweet and never said anything bad about anything. Which made me think "is he really this way?" We've been talking for awhile and About a month or so later... He asked me out, and stupidly, I said yes. Even though he was from Nevada and I am from London Ontario. So it was like a long distance relationship. We were going strong and he always made me happy. He never failed to not put a smile on my face. He made me blush with his words... and I fell for him so hard... [Read More]

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Victoria Black <3

07 Aug, 2010 06:10 PM

It was winter..New Year just passed, and one day, my mom took me to my room, saying that we really need to talk about something..she said: "Look, Victoria, we're...going to move to U.S.A. at May...and we're gonna live there for a year....And honey..I know it's hard for you, but I want you packed up and ready to go!", and all I could say was: "Ummm,okay, I'll just have to say bye to Jess and Bella...I'll be ready."So with that, she got out, and I locked the door!I year! That IS a long time isn't it? So as I promised, I said bye to my besties, and I packed up my things, one of them was a plush Doggy that my parents got me for New Year of 2004, I loved the way things were back then. So as I was getting in our first plane, I looked out the... [Read More]

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Playing with FIRE


22 Jul, 2010 04:45 PM

I was 18 and he was 25. It just started off as a thing. Nothing more then a random person on facebook. We talked, we laughed and we shared things about each other. I will admit if I had based him on a first impression if I had seen him on the street, he would definitely be on of the people that I would not even glance at him because I would believe he just wasn't "my type". As got to know him, things turned out different. He asked me if I would hang out with him and I was like, sure, why not. In my head, I always wanted to have the guy that would first be my friend before anything else, someone who knew my family and loved them as much as I did. Someone who my mother wouuld take to be her son before he became my... [Read More]

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The lies

Sherri Dimitri

21 Jul, 2010 11:44 AM

I was only a freshman when I met Oliver. He was a jerk, but I still loved him because of his sense of humor and his, um, pretty much amazing looks. I kept it a secret that I liked him for a long time, but at a cheerleadin event, the girls asked me who I liked. So reluctantly, I told them. Turns out another girl, Rachel, also likes Oliver. Her and her best friend Patty told him lies about me everyday, and he stopped talking to me. But, I never gave up, I always tried to woo him. Unfortunately, he always thought of me as the things they told him. It didn't mater either because Rachel stopped liking him even though I still did. I eventually got over Oliver, but that was only once I met Randy. He was a million times better than Oliver, he was cuter, sweeter, and... [Read More]

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