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All I have left of you

randi lynn

03 Jan, 2011 06:33 PM

Memories fill my head as i look at a picture of us at the lake. Do you remember that day? The day you told me you loved me.. The day you said we'd b together forever. I should have known it was to good to be true.Cause no one is as good as you. You were perfect.The man every girl wanted. I remember the day you walked away like it just happened. You held my hand and walked to the lake. You said that you couldn't do this anymore.That it wasn't working. You look away and let go of my hand. I turn away from you.. In shock... You walk away..And don't look back. You didn't care if i was ok or not. Tears fill my eyes and my throat begins to burn. I cant seem to learn. I still miss you. The memories hurt. But I dont want to... [Read More]

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Love Has No Obstacles.

Chloe G.

24 Oct, 2010 11:54 AM

Love has no obstacles, right? Well, that's what I thought, until recently everything changed. I won't use his real name but I'll call him by his nickname, Storm. I've known him since sixth grade, but things didn't spark till seventh. Keeping in mind, I'm a junior now. I'll start with seventh grade. Seventh grade we were just in middle school, starting up what we thought were "relationships". We were complete opposites, Storm being one of those guys who was a bit on the tough guy side. And then there was me, the girl that everyone knew, the "goody good girl" as people would say i used to be. We got on the topic of basketball one day, and it was the 2007 playoffs, the Spurs Vs. the Mavs. That's what sparked us, he was the cutest guy i had ever seen, the sweetest, funniest, and most interesting guy I've ever... [Read More]

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Is it me or him?

immatured bitch

22 Oct, 2010 05:21 AM

THE SEARCH IS OVER!... that was what I thought when we set the date of our wedding,I'm not getting married because both of us planned to, I'm getting married because I am carrying our baby. I'm am 19 years old and he's 22. Our relationship started when I was on my college days all of our schoolmates envied me of having him as my boyfriend,he's the kind of man every girls would be dreaming of,he had the qualities of a perfect boyfriend.He had even supported his studies by himself as a working student in our school. During those times I was not that totally attracted to him, I might have admired him but not as much as making him the apple of my eye. Days went on I noticed myself falling for him, I started to get jealous whenever there's someone who'll seat with him in his own chair, It... [Read More]

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tommy and me...


07 Oct, 2010 07:34 AM

i was 19 and i was the most foolish girl in the world. i started internet dating and seek for men who will support me... all i want was money... money for my family and me. then one day it was January, i started hunting for men... but one guy..tommy sent me a message and told me i was beautiful. happy that someone is interested in me and a potential financer. i chatted with him and i act as if i was naive and that was my first time joining dating site.. we chatted for hours, and i found myself falling in love with him. he was 31 at that time, and for me even though i really really like him. money is still the first motive why i want to befriend him... he supported me,financially and for me he was my ideal man..we talked about marriage, and everything under... [Read More]

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18 Sep, 2010 12:19 AM

I loved him. SO much. His younger brother who was still older than I was, was my best friend. To me he was the most amazing guy that was alive...he is texting me at this moment to chill with him because we still do. we dated for a year off and on for about a year and a half and no matter how mush shit he put me through, I'm STILL in love with him. I don't know how to stop. my heart keeps ripping as if it isnt already torn to fucking shreds. I've tried dating other guys, tried falling in love, tried forgetting.....but it always comes back to him. He's 19 now and im 15..and I have too many memories of what used to be and what should have been. I was basically 18 anyways, how mature my mind was from everything I had been through in my... [Read More]

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two years


19 May, 2010 08:31 PM

once up a time, when i was fifteen years old i dated a boy. he was sexy and handsome and just everything i could ask for in mister perfect. he was also very experienced. i was in love about a month and a week into the relationship. although i'd never felt this, i was certain he was it. the months went by as we grew closer and closer. we shared so many secrets and so many memories and we laughed so much. i had never gotten past so much as a kiss with a guy, although i found myself getting in deeper and deeper into wanting more and more from this guy. so, i grew more attached. about two years had past, and we had spent nearly every waking hour together and so many nights together. and, eventually in time, i had lost my virginity to him. i was completely... [Read More]

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second chance


28 Mar, 2010 08:04 PM

when you came back for a second chance. i was so happy, i thought you hated me and always will. you just don't know how happy i was that we both wanted to give it a try again.the thing that was getting in the way and my fear was loving each other again. but i knew i loved him and he told me he loved me. but then i started to get confused because everyday we would either walk home or text each other. we would constantly argue. i was always sad because you didnt know how much i cared about you and loved you oo so much. then one night we hung out at the park and i actually realized that he doesnt show how he feels about me and un wanted , i would have to move on. but throughout my freshmen year i started talking to you... [Read More]

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