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when they were 8 years old


05 Mar, 2019 04:53 AM

she met him when they were 8 years old. they soon became best friends. they talked nearly everyday. when they were 9 years old they started school together. everyone in the school knew they were friends. when they were 10 years old people started to tease and called them love birds. they didn't like it. when they were 11 years old the girl started to get feelings for him, but she ignored them and thought it was silly. when they were 12 years old the girl told the boy she liked him, but before he could respond she said it was a stupid prank. when they were 13 years old the boy started to get feelings for another girl in his grade, and she had feelings for him too. she was his first girlfriend, but the boy broke up with her shortly after. when they were 14 years old the... [Read More]

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27 Oct, 2014 11:33 PM

The scent of roses and women’s perfume filled the air. As I entered the restaurant, tears started forming in my eyes. I’m a man I can’t cry. Whatever, I don't care, there’s good enough of a reason for me to cry. The waitress welcomed me. I asked for a table for 2, and told the waitress that she was coming, she was on her way. The waitress nodded and looked at my eyes. “Sir, are you alright?” No. “Yeah, Yeah, I’m fine.” No. “Uh actually, miss, may I choose a table to sit at? It would mean very much to me.” It really would. “Uhh… okay. Which table would you like to sit at?” I led her to the table I sat on that very night. “But sir, I’m not sure… that’s a family table…” “Please, I’ll pay extra. It would mean so much if I could.” “Uhh… okay. Would... [Read More]

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16 Jul, 2010 02:32 PM

It was there. Love. the day i met her. I knew she was young and i knew there would be consequences she was 17 at the time. and i was 24. i loved her Dearly. Everyone told us that we would get caught that we would be in trouble. (more like me be in big trouble) But society didn't see it as rape. They saw it as friendship. We were in no rush to move things along. Until one night we were alone in my house and she insisted on us watching a movie. I asked her to pick one. When she had to pick the movie I felt her tremble and i saw the fear in her eyes. She knew something was up and she didn't tell me. About 15 minutes into the Movie. I got a knock on my door. And it was the police. I was shocked.... [Read More]

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First Love... Devastating Outcome.

Anonymous Thoughts.

31 Jan, 2013 12:15 AM

Picture this.. Two young kids in elementary school, one boy and one girl. Both age of 7, after knowing each other for 6 years. They've made it to middle school in the grade of 8th. They finally seem to tell each other their feelings for each other and it's official that they are a couple. They say, "A relationship is a friendship set on fire." That was Charlie and Sammie. He was most definitely everything to her. They started out so amazing, but there is always someone who tries there very best to ruin the relationship. To give this meaning a twist this person who ruins their relationship was in fact Sammie's very own BEST friend Holly. Scandalous, right?! To resume back to the story, Holly is the conflict. The months went by and the relationship was going great, considering it's their friendship Sammie & Charlie put on the line.... [Read More]

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Broken butterflies


22 Apr, 2017 12:01 PM

To everyone who has fell in love or say the one you thought was going to end up with you.. someone once said "Dont love someone you know is going to let you go", but how could you know? All those times all you thought was happiness and real love. This story goes a long way well for me a girl like me who been through this heartbreak as much as you all have. I didnt wear bright colors, skirts,dresses always the dark colors that i chose no skirts no dresses just plain jeans and a plain shirt, well he was someone who saved me from all the hell i was going through,i mean we all do but he was the one i was a sophomore in highschool and he was a senior the beginning of the year i didn't really know anyone except my cousins,but he came up to... [Read More]

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Love lingers Two years later


03 Mar, 2013 11:37 AM

It was a cold rainy night.. I met up with him the day after our huge argument. I parked outside his house as I usually did every night and as I opened my door he was already standing outside waiting for me. as soon as i opened the door he grabbed my hand and led me inside his room. We locked eyes and we both knew what was going to happen that very moment. He began to explain how disappointed he was in me and he's had enough. i was wrong, I knew I was. I pathetically began to weep and beg for forgiveness. He held my hand and told me it was best we were friends and as he's eyes got watery... He walked to the opposite side of the room and had his head in his hands and said, "I care about you so much.. Why is this... [Read More]

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October 2nd


03 Feb, 2014 05:52 AM

The first time I talked to you I was 13 years old, you were 11; it was December 2008. You were my cousin's girlfriend at the time, and we clicked instantly. It turned out that we had so much in common, and never stopped texting each other; it was a 24/7 conversation. Though we never had met each other, we shared our deepest thoughts and secrets. I knew that I could trust you with anything and everything and that you would never judge me for it. You and I were best friends, instantaneously. To this day, I have yet to find anyone like you; nobody can ever be as amazing as you. In about March of 2009, I was going through major issues in my life, but you were always there for me. I know I didn't tell you how much of an impact you had on my life during... [Read More]

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03 Aug, 2014 08:10 PM

There once was a child named Hope, and she was in the 3rd grade. Hope always was a happy child...she was kind to others, loved life and got very good grades. One day she walked in on her mother on the edge of her bed crying, and asked her what had happened. Her mom looked at her and patted the place next to her. Hope sat down and looked up at her mother wide-eyed and whispered softly, "What happened, Mama?" Her mom gently held Hope's hand and mumbled, "It's Daddy..." her mother suddenly burst out crying and hugged Hope. "Daddy got in a car accident, Baby...he didn't make it..." Hope didn't say anything...when her mother let go, Hope had a single tear streaming down her face. After that, Hope never talked to anyone at school, her grades went downhill and so did her happiness...finally at the age of 16, her... [Read More]

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With all of my love, Will


29 Aug, 2015 03:20 AM

It's pretty awful to know someone who died. You know what's even worse? When it's someone you love. I'm Emily, and I'm 17. Let me start from the beginning, all the way back to Friday. Will, my boyfriend, and I were watching a movie in his basement. Some sappy movie i forced him to watch with me. He's a good boyfriend to put up with the things i make him do. Anyway, we were watching this sappy movie. He was sitting against the corner of the couch with his legs stretched out, and i was in the middle of them, leaning my back against his chest with his arms wrapped around me, and his face buried partially in my long red/blonde hair. He leaned his head around mine and used his pointer finger and middle finger to turn my head gently and softly kissed my lips. It was a slow... [Read More]

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