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06 Jan, 2013 10:10 AM

I want to tell everyone, that we must think and decide everything better and think about the affect that will happen in the future. Because one day we will regret what we have chosen and I fell in the same mistake over and over again, and believe me, never hurt anyone you love because karma does exist. I was a playgirl back then, I never cared with boy's feelings when I suddenly told them to "breakup". But one day my friend introduced me to a cute decent boy. My friend told me I should stop messing around with boy's feelings, and stand only for one boy. My new journey started on cold winter. He was the smartest boy I've ever met, glasses and sparkling eyes made me drown into him. It was hard to convince him to be my boyfriend but finally he fell for me too.He helped me in... [Read More]

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Lonely and Emotionless


28 Dec, 2012 01:21 PM

The boy was known to date many girls. The girl was pursued by many boys only to reject them. He was afraid of being lonely, and she was afraid of feeling emotion. Initially, they were not the most compatible match. They were friends who secretly disliked each other, but that soon changed when he didn't show up to school for quite a while. She realized his foolish jokes were the reason she laughed, and he realized that ugly face was sweet and caring. When he came back they engaged in conversation, finally warming up to each other. But the next day, they completely ignored one another. He was confused if she liked him or not, and she was nervous. The following day, the girl mastered up all of her courage and hugged him. "It's your welcome back hug," she muffled into his jacket. Only two days later did the shy... [Read More]

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Joanna Baily

23 Nov, 2012 11:36 PM

Its been a year. A whole year since I lost him. He was my everything. His name was John. Our relationship was exactly how I wanted it to be. We started out best friends. And that's all we ever wanted to be. Neither of us ever thought of turning it into more. It was on one Saturday night, we went to a party together, both of us were a little drunk. We were in high school, and one of our friends had the idea to act like little kids again and play spin the bottle. Why not? We had nothing to lose. We sat in a circle of course and took turns. We kept playing and we kept kissing whoever the bottle pointed too. With each guy I kissed, nothing. Not even a hint of a spark. Then, the bottle pointed towards Jon. I leaned in to kiss him. And... [Read More]

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A Drop In The Ocean


04 Aug, 2012 09:17 AM

Its been a month, a week, and 3 days since we last spoke. I'm trying not to care anymore even though I think about you 24/7 to this day. I'm proud of how strong I have been with dropping you out of my life but its funny how I still remember the first time we met. what you were wearing, how you were looking at me,and what you were doing. You seemed harmless. I thought I'd be the harmful one.. yeah shit was rocky but I knew no matter what, you would always stick by my side like my ride or die. I thought we would always work out our differences. I never knew what love was till I fell for you. But I also didn't know that that would be the worst mistake in my life so far that I would ever make. It'll be a year that we've... [Read More]

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An Unhappy Never After


04 Aug, 2012 12:36 AM

I gave up so much of my life for someone who never deserved it. I started so young. I was in 8th grade when I first noticed you. I knew you were different from me, yet it didn't matter. You caught my eye and I couldn't ask for more. You soon began to notice me as well. We talked and talked until that one day where you grew the courage to ask me out. I had a grin that spread from each side of my cheeks. I remember being so happy and so naive. Three months later you were different. I used all my might to let you go in fear that I was holding you back. You left with what it seems no problem. Only later did I find out that you had cheated on me. Regret tore you apart and you found your way back to me. As... [Read More]

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Why is love so hard?


19 Jul, 2012 06:05 PM

He had promised never to break up with me. He had said he loved me more than anything. Both are lies. I loved him a lot. And still do in a way. But my heart is more dead than alive. Here's how he broke me: He asked me out in the middle of 6th grade over the phone. I said yes. He told me he loved me, he cared about me, etc. etc. And I loved him too. But I had forgotten that many other girls in my grade liked him a lot. He would talk to all of them more than me, and being the shy girl, I never asked much of him. But it DID seem like he really did love me. He was sometimes even more emotional in that "lovey" kind of way than me. He was my first boyfriend, and he broke my heart 11 times.... [Read More]

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The Beginning of a Beautiful Realization

Sammie D.

27 Nov, 2011 04:21 PM

In everyone's life, they want to learn to fall in love and feel like they are floating on air. I meet this one guy, David, in 9th grade. I'm not gonna type and say how he was so nice and so sweet and blah blah blah. He was not like the other guys, he wasn't with me because I was beautiful or because I was nice, and he was with me because he saw something in me no one else saw. He was religious and was a true believer in his religion. When I first meet him, he was that one guy no one wanted to date because of his weight, but underneath him, there was this amazing helpful person. Through my middle school years, I went through a lot of drama, not so much social drama though. I had my hamster die, my grandpa, my great great aunt, my... [Read More]

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Sad summer love


02 Aug, 2011 09:14 PM

When I met him I knew he was trouble, I was warned .. did I listen? Never. Maybe it was the way he acted like he truly was in love or maybe it was simply the way he smelled like the scent of old spice. Either way, i eventually fell for him. I fell hard. We spent every day together, beach, his house, beach some more. I got butterflies when i was with him, i loved him so much. Everything was going great. our kisses were like heaven , the way he hugged me and seemed to never want to let go, the way the silent walks were completely normal .. everything was perfect ..two teenagers, falling in love. Out of a book almost , I was so happy , just thinking about it is unbelievable how happy i was. Then something horrendous happened. I was away from him for... [Read More]

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he cheated on me many times


01 Jun, 2011 05:42 AM

there was this one guy whose name is "anggang", he was my childhood friend and turned out to be my childhood lover.. we had a mutual understanding since we we're an elementary student. i was one year ahead of him. wen we reached high school that was the time he expressed his feeling to me...i am very happy knowing that the person i love, loves me also.. we we're very happy bein' together and for me it was a perfect relationship. but just like other love stories, there comes to a point that he cheated on me.. i never thought he could do that to me because i am such a very good girlfriend to him. I'm not bragging but I'm just telling the truth.. many times he cheated on me and many time i forgive him, but in some point of my life i feel tired of bein' hurt..i... [Read More]

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Do you love me?


09 Sep, 2010 11:57 PM

My name is Kat,I fell in love with my best friend, first we started out with a simple "I don't like you" were where eight at the time, and I think I stole his bulldozer witch made us fight till we made up. I loved spending time with him. but my feelings grew once I entered my first year of high school. We where always together that our classmates began calling us the 'love birds' I smiled at that name every time we were called that my heart felt fuzzy and warm no longer cold from my last break up in middle school. On my Sixteenth birthday I got the courage to tell him I loved him, he smiled and said "I love you too" I was so happy to hear those words, but a few months after we been dating he became more distant and was always busy. I... [Read More]

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