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Death v.s. patience


26 Apr, 2011 10:38 PM

So a boy was in love with this girl for years, but they didn't go out. He decided to finally tell her how he felt, she said she liked him too but she only said that cause she didn't want to be mean. And he knew he was no doubt in love with her, but she just couldn't understand it. NOTHING else in the world ever made him as happy as she did. One day, the boy asked the girl out, she said she would, but she's going through a lot at the time and she's not ready for a relationship which was only an excuse. The boy understood and was okay with waiting for her cause he knew she was worth the wait. Just a few days after this, she got together with another guy. The other boy was furious, and asked her why she did that, she wouldn't... [Read More]

Tags: Love, Death, Wait, Boy, Girl, Relationship, Hospital, Suicide
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