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Death v.s. patience


26 Apr, 2011 10:38 PM

So a boy was in love with this girl for years, but they didn't go out. He decided to finally tell her how he felt, she said she liked him too but she only said that cause she didn't want to be mean. And he knew he was no doubt in love with her,
but she just couldn't understand it. NOTHING else in the world ever made him as happy as she did.
One day, the boy asked the girl out, she said she would, but she's going through a lot at the time and she's
not ready for a relationship which was only an excuse. The boy understood and was okay with waiting for her
cause he knew she was worth the wait. Just a few days after this, she got together with another guy. The other
boy was furious, and asked her why she did that, she wouldn't answer him. But he just decided to wait because
he knew the relationship wouldn't last. After they broke up, he asked her out again, she apologized for what she
did but said she just wanted to stay single. But she promised that whenever she's ready, she'll go out with him and
that she loves him. The boy told her he loved her too, and he decided to continue waiting. It had been about
two weeks, and she said she still wasn't ready but she still didn't get together with any other guys, so he was
okay with waiting. But one day, the girl was in a horrible car accident and died. When the boy found out, he
was sent to a mental hospital, he was beyond depressed and he was saved from a suicide attempt. The thing
that bothered him the most, is he wasn't even able to find out if she was going to keep her promise.

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Kelsey says:
30 Apr, 2011 09:48 AM

this is such a sad story i feel terible for the boy!

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Jade says:
15 May, 2011 01:19 PM

This is such a tragic story :( I feel so horrible for the poor boy!

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Emily says:
20 Jun, 2011 05:24 AM

I feel so horrible for him, I hope he feels better now.
But.....was that boy, by any

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ann says:
05 Jul, 2011 06:45 AM

Oh My God, it's so sad......

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Jacob says:
17 May, 2012 04:18 AM

Not sad enough, it feels fake.

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Sarah says:
22 Jul, 2012 01:50 AM

So sad! Is the boy ok now? I wish him to feel better soon!

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Lee says:
10 Oct, 2012 04:43 PM

OMG! the same exact thing happened to me...if the lil boy ws u by nychance itll b ok i promise idk ur name so yeah

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kazim babi says:
01 Feb, 2013 04:49 PM

It's soo sad

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Deepak kumar kashyap says:
19 Jul, 2014 08:44 AM

really it so sad . i also sad

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