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The Dark Burning


30 May, 2011 03:23 PM

I was walking home in the dark, alone... It was a stupid idea really, the snow storm had gotten worse and the roads were sheet ice; no cars would dare consider driving on them. I was almost to the crossing when i felt the tingling sensation of someone behind me, someone watching me... It turns out it wasn't just one person though. It was 10. 10 boys who had seen a young girl walking home alone in the dark, with out any witness' to get in the way. They came up behind me, and in that moment i just reacted, chucking my bag to them and yelling "Just take the money, take the phone i don't care!" I had used every ounce of my energy to screech that out, as if someone would hear me over the roar of the snow.No one did. No one knew, no one heard and... [Read More]

Tags: Gang Rape, Alone, Disturbed, Death, Rape
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