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Don't Forget Me


09 Aug, 2011 04:21 PM

As the car made contact with my fragile body, all our memories passed by my eyes. I didn?t think about the pain. I thought about the things I would miss: My High School graduation, getting married, having children. And then, I thought about you. Your smile, your soft hair, the sound of your laugh. All of that would be gone, out of my reach, but the memories will never fade. I will never forget you. You will eventually move on, but all I ask from you, is remember me. Remember our good times, and remember our bad times. Remember our fights, and remember our apologies. My body lands in a heap on the side walk. Blood forms a pool around me. I hear screams from all directions. The car swerves and hits a tree. The driver, injured and clearly intoxicated, stumbles out of the car to my side. ?I?m so... [Read More]

Tags: Death, Car Accident, Heartbroken, Love, Pain
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