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10 Apr, 2010 02:08 PM

I was always lonley... staring out the window on the bus was my hobby. The last time my heart fell apart that took weeks to put together, I promised myself, my heart, and my soul that I would never let anyone into my heart that easily ever again. Until she sat next to me. She was the first to give me a smile. And she quietly whispered in my ear, a stranger I've never met that said "If 1000 roses could impress a girl, just 1 hug will heal any heart".I had to burst out laughing although I never knew why.
Soon we became friends. Weeks past and we became best friends. Months past and we became lovers. We decided to take a stroll outside for the first time and all she could ever do was stare at me. At my eyes. and soon I asked her "If you could have anything in the world... What would you have?".
She took a deep breath and said "I want a star from heaven." I replied, "I'll give you a star... a star from heaven where you came from and healed my heart."
A year passed and we were still the most popular couple in school. I had finally gotten her a star... The star she had desired since the first time we met. And there she was... across the street, smiling like an angel...

Im not the boy who I loved so much. But the girl that is reading his journal holding the star close to my heart as a tear is rolling down my face. Where the words he once said to me keeps repeating in my head. "I'll give you a star... a star from heaven where you came from and healed my heart."

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Mykx says:
02 Aug, 2011 06:25 PM

I wish someone would also sit next beside me and whisper the same words to my ear... I'm suffering from a broken heart... weeks of weeping and loneliness that I cant bear anymore.. Im so down :'(

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