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Sad love


05 Aug, 2011 10:47 AM

i fall in love with one of my classmate. she is a Hindu and im a christian but i don't care about that,then i started to be close with her.then as day by day,we start to go out sometime and after school or at night we used to text by hours. then one day i told her that i love her so much and she also said the same to me.i was so happy that i got her and she accepted me. Then days passed by,our love become stronger and stronger. everyday we met,at school,after school. Then bad news arised,her parent knew that she had boyfriend and that's me,they scolded her everyday. she cried every time,when she met me. i was confused on what to do,i become mad by thinking what to do. then months passed by,she always said to me that we should run far away,but i told her how we'll feed our self,because we are too young and we cant get a job also.then after someday she agree not to run. whenever i didnt get to text, or talk with her i felt like i'll die and the same thing happens with her. she is my life my everything. even one day we dint get to see each other,i missed her so much and she missed me also so much and we were dying to see each other. her family scolded her every time that she is with me. Then her family didn't let her go out, only when school time, they take her cell and she didn't get to talk to me, she is dying to be with me and I'm dying to. i don't know what to do, weeks have passed but we didn't get to talk, or see each other i missed her so much. Then suddenly bad news came, this is the saddest days in my life,that she passed away,i cried and scream like anything i want to go and see her but my family didn't let me go, I'm crying day and night,i regret a lot that i didnt listen to her. i asked why didn't i take her and run away, then maybe she would still be with me and i felt bad that i loved her but couldn't do anything for her. I'm regretting a lot..i miss her

Tags: Love, Death, Regret
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Alicia says:
27 Sep, 2011 11:36 AM

It was a really good story.

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RUMI says:
28 Sep, 2011 02:01 PM

hey don't be sad get on with your life coz if u smile u will get dimples otherwise u will get wrinkles.....:) :(

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sharol olivas says:
28 Sep, 2011 07:36 PM

everyone says that to protect you.. but realetty is that ur never to young to fall in love doh what ur heart wants but sometimes its better to go with ur mind... but whne u doh that be strong... i been close to what u been to but worst so dont give up and be happy stop cutting urself its pointless nd ppl will treat u diffrent nd make fun of yoh so plz stop....

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Sorrowlessbliss says:
28 Sep, 2011 11:24 PM

I'm so sorry for your loss, that's never happened to me so this is the best I could sympathise, but it seems like sometimes the world just laughs and shouts "F*** YOU"

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sabster says:
09 Oct, 2011 04:56 AM

dont worry it happens to all..

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Techyy says:
09 Oct, 2011 10:16 PM


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Sajad says:
22 Nov, 2011 03:38 AM

Love is sweet poision

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Grammar says:
19 Jul, 2014 09:27 AM

Get some schooling, boy. It would seem you do not know the usefulness of the space bar or the period. Pathetic.

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