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What Have I Done?

Teri Bailey

27 Jul, 2011 05:20 PM

What Have I Done?

It was one of those days when its a few minutes from raining and a sort of electricity fills the air.. The sun shines a bright beam through the winter clouds. There's truly nothing like it...All the worries in the world seem to vanish before me. How does nature give such a feeling. I don't believe anything can replace this brief moment. But as i sit here gazing at the crystal blue lake, and as a rain drop rolls down my left cheek like a river, i begin to think. Where exactly am i going to dump this body.

I constantly ask myself why i did this but never usually come up with an answer..but today i did. Today was very different to most. Maybe that electricity that was in the air has given logic to this all. But there's not much time now to dwell on my feelings. It was go time.The cops are going to be here any minute.

As i unwrapped the bag a stench riddled my nostrils, it was absolutely putrid, disgusting. I should have done this earlier. But i suppose its hard to bring yourself up to the task of throwing your dead mother into an endless bed of water.

At least her body was going to rest in a place she loved. The ocean, water was her sanctuary. I'm basically doing her a favor. But then again, she did always think i was the most considerate of her boys.

As i gazed down at mother i noticed that the blood around her chest had turned brown and her face was now dull and grey. Her usual bright blue eyes were now empty and lifeless.

In mid-thought a sudden, sharp pain began to penetrate my head. My mind was being pounded by words and voices. Things began to splur. This death not only ended her life but mine too. But why now has this tragedy i brought upon myself bringing me a world of punishing despair.

Her precious breath yearns to be restored, but i'm still breathing. I'm Alive. She's Dead. What have i done?

Tags: Death, Lost
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o.o says:
07 Nov, 2011 06:22 PM

i hope this is not a true story...

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lourdes says:
18 Jul, 2012 12:44 AM

i dont get it

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