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secret love


29 Mar, 2010 09:19 AM

ok so i am 13 years old. i no its too young for love, but i just fell right into it. my boyfriend i really do love and my mother found out i was dating him so she sneak around finding every little bit of information about him. then came to me and said that i had to brake up wit him cuz he was a bad influence. which he wasn't. he might of gotten into a little trouble but not big time trouble. hes a 13 year old boy. that's wat they do. so i broke up with him because i am deeply afraid of what my mother might do to me. but a week later he wanted me back he begged me he said he couldn't live without me, and i honestly i couldn't live without him either so i said yes cuz i didn't want to lose the best thing in my life. so now its been 3 months and my mother doesn't know anything. then one day i was hanging out with him and a bunch of friends and my mother saw, called me and said is he there. i said no(which was a lie) then she said i know he is, so tell the truth so i did. then later she threaten to beat me when i got home i started crying right in front of him. i was so scared. i know they really would do it. but they didn't. they just don't get how much i love him. they don't get me at all. then i txted him and said i love you and don't forget it no matter what happens, i always will! its been almost 4 months now and im still deeply in love with him. and my parents still dont know that i still go out wit him. though i do feel guilty for sneaking around behind my parents back. but the love in my heart is way bigger then the guilt in my mind. i will always love you A.H <3

please comment i want to hear your opinion on what to do.

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lily says:
29 Mar, 2010 01:30 PM

i know what you are going through because i myself had to hide my relationship from my parents i know its hard because of all the guilt you get but if its the only way you can stay with you bf then its the best dor now later on they will understand that it wasn't just a guy you had a crush on but the love of your life ...just try to be happy because your still young and have a lot more stuff to go through .. belive me i have gone trough a lot with my boyfriend and even after all that has happened to me i still love him and i know he loves me ... so just do whatever makes you happy :) ?-lily

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gracie says:
29 Mar, 2010 04:08 PM

i wouldnt listen to ur mom. if u love him then dont let him go

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gracie says:
29 Mar, 2010 04:23 PM

thats what i waould do to disreguared my mother and follow my heart!!

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Guts says:
31 Mar, 2010 05:29 PM!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000412147114
add me on here if you ever need to talk bout this cus i was in the same stuation but a lot worse and i know your pain, ps im not an oldy im 17 so i understand how u feel :/

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Nadzz&&Rimzz&&Yaseen??? says:
26 Oct, 2010 06:00 PM

Yeah! If u reeli love him i think u shud do wat ur heart tells you! and 4get abt wat ur mom says at the moment!
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tc xoxo

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