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Mike part 3...


07 Sep, 2018 06:04 AM

There’s a part three to my story about mike hopefully their won’t be a part four, but here we go.

I moved back to the place I got kicked out from the end of July, and things have been going good, one of the conditions of living here is no speaking to mike, I thought okay no problem, not easy as I thought. The week I moved back in mike was calling me from jail every other day and I couldn’t answer it because he had no money on the phone call, so he kept calling and calling and calling. I got fed up with it so I changed my number and made sure he didn’t get it.

Time passed by and I was finally getting my life back together going to church more and doing stuff to keep my mind busy, well one day me and my foster dad were coming back from his daughters and I get a notification saying mike poked me on facebook and then I get a message from him saying he loves me he misses me he wants me back and all that. I didn’t say anything and I just let it be.

He kept trying to get in contact with me and I was wondering what he wanted so dummy me talked to him and he was just doing so bad In and out of jail and stealing cars and just all kinds of stuff, well I was cleaning out the car that me and him were staying in and I got all of his clothes out and put them in bags and I messaged him and told him I had his clothes to come by and get them. He doesn’t say anything then asks me to wash them for him and I said I’m not your girlfriend just come get them.

Well last week, he came by unexpectedly to get his clothes but when I seen him my heart melted because I just felt so bad looking at him just made me cry and we went into my room and I was trying to ask him what had been going on and he got into a car accident and the person that he hit is fighting for their life in the hospital and the police were looking for him and yeah. So we talked about everything I gave him his clothes and then unexpectedly we had sex and after we did I cried. And then he left.

I haven’t seen him since then and I found out he stole a car and the police caught him and now he’s in jail and who knows what’s going to happen to him I’m praying he turns his life around to Jesus and that he does good.

Tags: Dangerous, Toxic
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