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A dog's life

John L.

30 Nov, 2017 02:51 PM

So I have been asked for more stories and new ones. Before I start this one I have to let you know that unlike the rest of my stories this one won't be a real one. I couldn't think of anything I am comfortable sharing at this point in time. So again *this is a made up story (obviously)* but I still hope you enjoy it.

I'm brought into this world, just a tiny little thing, with a few brothers and sisters by my side. They are small too. My mother is kissing me and and my brothers/sisters. A few weeks go by and I get bigger. I am starting to attempt a few steps. I still stumble around because I am so young.

A few weeks go by and a family walks in and starts looking at my family. They pick a few of my brothers and sisters and carry them away. After the day ends I am alone with my mother. My brothers and sisters are all gone. I don't know where they went or when they will be back but I hope they are ok.

The next day another family comes in and a little boy named Jake picks me up. "Mommy I like this one." She smiles and they take me to their home. I was nervous in the car and I peed a little but they weren't mad. When they set me down inside the house I ran around exploring. It was a big place and there were a lot of things to chew on. I pulled a blanket off the couch and started rolling on it.

A year went by and I am starting to forget my family. I don't want too but I can't help it. I am bigger now and so is my boy. Jake takes good care of me. I sleep in his bed with him and wake him up with kisses. We play in the yard a lot. I like to catch the flying disc he throws. I get into trouble sometimes for chewing on things or going to the bathroom inside. I try not too but sometimes it's hard.

Another year passes and everything is great. We go to a dog park sometimes and I think I love this dog I see there. Her fur is so soft and golden. We play together a lot when Jake is at school. He doesn't seem to like school but he is forced to go. I don't understand but i'm sure it's ok. I don't remember where I came from. All I remember is my boy and his family. Some nights I stare out the window and wonder what my life was like before them. I had to go to the vet because I got sick. I did not like that. The man was nice but he gave me a prickly thing in my side. It hurt but the pain went away soon and he gave me a treat.

A few years later Jake got a cell phone. He is in high school now. He doesn't play with me much anymore but it's ok. I play tag with the squirrels. I am always it. They don't seem to understand how to play. A girl came home with Jake today and was nice to me. She pet me and played with me a little then spent time with Jake. She seemed nice.

A year later and Jake was spending a lot of time with this girl. He rarely played with me. We stopped going to the dog park and I didn't get to see my friend anymore. I miss her. I lay on the porch a lot hoping someone will spend time with me. Jake's dad is mowing the grass and his mom just got home with groceries. She dropped a bag and an apple started to roll down the driveway. I jumped up and went to help her. I chased the apple into the street. I picked it up and turned to bring it back to her when I got hit. I fell over and everything got blurry. I saw Jake's mom and dad run towards me before I blacked out.

A few hours later I am at the vet's again. I am laying on a table and Jake's mom and dad is there but he isn't. I can't move it hurts to much. Jake's mom walks out of the room crying on the phone. Jake's dad rubs my head and says I was a good boy. I felt happy. I started getting really tired when Jake ran into the room. He was crying. He said he was sorry he didn't spend time with me more and that he loved me. I picked my head up ignoring the pain and licked the tear off his cheek. My head fell back down and I couldn't resist the sleep anymore.

I started to close my eyes and he cried harder. It's ok Jake. I am going to take a nap and we can play later. I closed my eyes and went to sleep. The pain went away and everything felt like it was ok again. I know my boy will be fine. I know he loved me as much as I loved him.

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alana says:
29 Mar, 2018 07:24 PM

why would u say a story like this and stuff it made me sad

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Arlin says:
20 Apr, 2018 12:25 AM

This story is so so sad. I cried towards the end.

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Dhiella says:
25 Jun, 2018 03:13 AM

Thts is great story.. I really miss my dog now.. Thank for this story

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Floofball459 says:
19 Sep, 2018 08:46 AM

This story is amazing,I think this may inspire me on a story me and my friends are making as a project.

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