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He Left Too Early

Rita Ung

04 Nov, 2017 12:39 PM

One day my best friend told me that she have been talking to this guy she meet on Snapchat. She said he was a friend with someone who was also friends with her. They exchanged photo and talk about random stuff. I on the other hand was trying to have some fun. I thought maybe if I add him as a friend and flirt around, it would keep me entertained everyday. So I added him and despite all of that, I wanted to see how he looked like too. We talked and send streaks to each other. It was a normal conversation. I asked him for a pic of his face. He sent me one and I to myself thought; oh he’s not that bad but I’m not interest in love right now. We talk frequently and we called for two days straight. We flirted around and talk about ourselves a bit. Before long I didn’t realized it but I fell deeply in love with him.
I tried to cut it off because I was a girl who doesn’t like to be involved with love. But the harder I tried, the more I got attached to him. I started to find him very attractive.

After the weekend, I asked him do you like me? He replied with a yes. He aske me back and I said I do really like you. After that we became official. We went on a few dates. But the third week of our relationship, depressions and stress starts to build up on me. I still talked to him because I cared about him. Even a good morning or a good night is what I usually to make sure he’s okay. It was starting to go down hill from there.

One night, his girl-friends came to and said; I’m really worried about him and he’s getting sick of how your treating him. The way you only cared about yourself and your depression. You took him for granted and you shouldn’t be doing that because he cares about you and he loved you.

Tommorrow morning, after the day his friends can to me. He decide to text and say he had something to talk about later.i knew that he was going to say that it’s over. I was scared but I was also mentally prepared for it because I knew that it was going to happen anytime soon. Then I told him, you can say it now and get it over with. He told me he want to break up with me. I on the other was about to go off to school and I quickly repkied to him; if you don’t feel comfortable with this relationship or you don’t like it, l am willing to end it for you because you’re not happy with it.whatever makes you happy, I’ll do it for you. We broke up. I went to school, fighting the tears to prevent my dad from asking. When I finally arrived at school, I ran straight into the bathroom and sat down. I sat there speechless because I just lost him. I lost someone I truly loved. My friend came running in and knocked on the door, asking are you okay. I open the door and replied, he left me. He didn’t want me anymore. I lost him and I regret everything. I cried my eyes and I couldn’t focus on school that day. I skipped a few classes because I suddenly broke down in the middle of class because of the memories we had. I went under depression again. While he got over in two days.

A week after, I heard that he found a new crush. He bragged about how cute she is and for me, it felt like a knife stabbing into my heart. It’s that painful. I kept my tear in, trying not to worry my friends. I regret everything and I’m afraid to ever fall for anyone again....I’m scared....because he left me, I don’t want to get hurt again.... I’m scared now. Scared of love....scared of ever falling in love again....

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Angel Turner says:
18 Apr, 2018 03:22 PM

I had this happen to me a few months ago and im also scared of love. I can really relate to your pain.

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