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My time with the beautiful soul


18 Oct, 2017 01:59 PM

I am now in Saudi Arabia. Studying in 11th grade.... i made and Instagram account when my friends said to make as soon as my 10th grade was over. I posted my drawings got many follow request.... well I did not know what i was doing....
one of my follow request was of this guy named dilshad. He send me a request for chatting..first i was scared but then i accepted...
Dilshad : Hii
Me : hii
Dilshad : how are you?
Me : i am fyn
Dilshad : i am fyn of course. where r u from?
Me : Kerala, India
Dilshad: me too
me: kerala where?
Dilshad : malappuram
Me : oo me too malappurram where?

then we discussed about ur family and guess what.. he is near my place. then one day he messaged me....

Dilshad : hey rida how are you?

Me : hii i am fine how r u?

Dilshad : i am fyn

Me : why dont we become brother and sister?

Dilshad : kk.. that will be fun

me : mm then?

then we became close even though we were seperated by land basis. actually if i am honest to you i had a crush on him because he was so nice to me ..... but one day.....

Dilshad : how is this grl ( by sending me a girl's picture)

Me : nice is that your sister?

Dilshad : no..... my crush she comes to my tuition and i love her....

my heart sank but for his happiness i said the way how to propose her. My friends all said i did a stupid job. but i knew he was happy that she said yes to his proposal.

Me : you didnt message me..... so long we talked

Dilshad : we broke up sis...

even though i felt sad somewhere someone was saying he is gonna propose me.... but..

One day i put a status saying i am gonna die due to i had fight with my friends so due to that sadness and he saw my status and asked me

Dilshad : r u mad rida?

Me : what is it with you?

Dilshad : what happened to you?

Me : no one loves me i hate my self

Dilshad :

Me : what do you mean?

Dilshad : will you marry me?

Me : i need to think

there was nothing to think i know but something was stopping me to reply him by a 'yes'. i asked my friends they all supported me by saying me to say yes if his behaivour and he is handsome. both of those qualities was a positive mark for him and i replied a yes for his proposal.....

now also our relation continues... its just a month our relation started i know there is so many truth behind just to make it short i made it short....

i said him all the truth that i had crush before he proposed me but then he asked me why i didnt propose him... you all might have that question in your mind right? well i was scared to because i thought what will be his reaction? i said him i was fat he said i need a wife with good heart its not important to have a pretty wife....
I wish god will make us together........

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Ashley Underwater says:
29 Nov, 2017 06:58 PM

what should i do if i have a crush on my friend but don't know if he would say yes but what if he says no and he stops talking to me then i would be sad???

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