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He was different..


12 Sep, 2010 01:54 PM

There was this guy. Two summers ago, We had this bond.. this feeling that felt so unreal. To me it was like living a dream. We spent every single summer day together. But before everything had happened, He was in love with a girl, (not me) I guess she was the definition of "perfect" She had long nice hair.. a cute smile, a bubbly personality, think she was funny too. Well, he was madly in love with her. But she broke his heart and slept with another guy. And they broke up. And during that summer I was rebound girl.
He started talking to me, we got close. He pulled off "stupid" and went back to her when she told him she was sorry and that it was a mistake. OF COURSE IT WAS..
That was our first try

The summer of 2010.. I guess that they had broken up once again. And He decided to talk to me. I missed him. He was always there in my heart. I just didn't wanna bother wrecking his relationship with her. We went on a lot of little dates. He'd come over and spend time with me and my family.. Heck he had dinner with us. I felt like, This was gonna be a new beginning and that girl was out of the picture for good.

Days into the thing we had, We went for a nice car ride to a beautiful area of the city. We were listening to music.. And the song that was playing was a song that reminded him of her. So he told me that.. he was sorry for before. And he said that. He didn't want to hurt me. But when he likes a girl. He'd like to stick to one. I ended up crying. Because I felt as if he was going to leave me for her again. But he held me.. and he told me. He was sorry and that Im different. And he was stupid for giving her another chance like that. And that cheating couldn't be tolerated.

Days after that. He started going out late and doing drugs with his friends. Making new "girlfriends" throughout the night. One day.. I did something that I felt changed us. Something I deeply do regret. I sent him a text. Telling him I didn't think i can keep talking to him if he kept doing drugs. He told me he was confused.. and he had stopped talking to me ever since.
(My ex, was also a druggie. Drugs changed my ex, and after moving on I thought this guy was different..)

I felt so empty. I wasn't myself. And later on I had found out he had deleted me off of everything.. I had no contact with him whatsoever.

Weeks later school had started and Id see him walking down the halls.. We'd pass by each other here and then.. And a little piece of my heart would just fall apart. It hurts so much.

Id sometimes even see her with his ex girlfriend.

Couple of days before school had started, I was taken to the hospital after blacking out and puking my guts out. I told him to come visit me but he didn't reply to me. After getting out that day I found out I was anemic.

I'm currently sick and taking iron pills and medication because I am also very ill.. But

I just want him to know that, I think I love him. And that.. whatever choice he makes, I'll be happy with it. And I hope someday he realizes that he had a good thing.

Well.. that's my story. Nothing so sad.. But to me is.

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MIMI says:
20 Sep, 2010 07:46 AM


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jailine says:
09 Oct, 2010 08:37 AM

awwwwwwwww i think yo should speak to him face to face and say hey are you ok?did you stop? and still fight for his love email me :)

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nick says:
18 Jul, 2012 07:55 AM

your story is really heart touching
and i hope he will get to know one day how you feel for him, how much you care for him , and that day he will leave that stupid girl and useless drugs and come back to you :)

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Munna says:
21 Jun, 2014 07:25 AM

Than why do u luvd sum1, who nvr even luvd u & cared you.!
Try to luv sum1 who cares u... :-(

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lelee says:
05 Apr, 2017 05:14 PM

That was it. not much of a sad story

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