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Enjoying the Painful Week I had mistaken


12 Aug, 2017 11:15 PM

During December, the day that my heart grew attach to you, on that Sunday. We went to a movie theater, where watching horror movie was not my type. I told you that I didn't know we were watching a horror story until I put my butt down on the chair and you told me. The movie started, I was watching and you suddenly took my fingers and put it in your mouth. The feeling that was happy and confused. Unknowingly, I just played with you and did the same thing with your fingers, licking and biting it like a lollipop. We aren't even dating and you even tilt my head towards your cheek. So I gave you a peck on the cheek.

Monday, the school day. I had so much questions that I wanted to asked. I was in my senior year and you were in 11th grade.
Following to Tuesday, after school we usually would part our ways to go to our school bus. I said my goodbye as usually, and you would just walk your way on the bus. But this time, you stood there for quite a long second, and ran up to me and stop. You did the same thing when we were in the theater. You tilt my head towards your cheek and I automatically kissed you on the cheek as if I was a kissing robot. This time I tried doing the same thing, I point my fingers towards my cheek and you kissed me on the cheek back. Suddenly, I realized that my friends were next to me, I looked over and checked, but they weren't even noticing. We then walked off.

That Wednesday, we had to stay after school for an afterschool club. As soon as the bell rang, I ran upstairs and meet you in front of the club. I gave you a sudden hug. You had that face that everyone makes when they gets annoyed after being waked up. You said," I just woke up, I don't want anyone to touch me." I replied, " okay", and walked into the class alone. I was seriously feeling bad and pissed, so I ended up not wanting to talk to you. Thirty minutes later, you had this sorry puppy face. You put your hands on top of mine and held it. That slight touch got me worked up and so I smiled and accepted your apology.

The most painful day was Friday, it was the last day I get to see you before a three weeks christmas break. Friday was a half day, your friends invited me to Starbuck and I knew you were there, that's why I came. You guys were right there, but I got lost and walked around. I called and you told me to turn around and saw you guys filming me on snapchat. It wasn't long before each of your friends start going home. I didn't want to go home yet, so you invited me to your place. I came over, no one was at home, since you lived with your sister. We ate lunch, and after eating, you would always have a habit of sleeping. You told me to get on the bed and lay next to you, so I went on the bed and layed there facing the ceiling awkwardly. You suddenly kicked my leg, that made me stop feeling uncomfortable and you hugged me to sleep. I hug you like I know it was my last hug and watched you sleep.

After a week, I confessed to you and got rejected. I still think that I was immature then, and you didn't reject me after my second question I asked you to date me took place in April.
My April love was indeed my first love.

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