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The odd break up.

John L.

14 Mar, 2017 03:43 AM

I moved with my mom recently because my dad was abusive. I am having a way better life but something major happened that kind of threw me off. I saw it coming but I ignored the bad feelings and went for it anyways. Let me rewind a bit. I am a Junior in High school and starting at a new school. I am making friends fast, getting good grades, and playing some sports like football and basketball. A few months into the school year this girl started talking to me. Her name is Destiny. She is gorgeous, funny, and gets me. We became really close over the months and my feelings for her got stronger. I decided to make my move.

I asked her on a date and she agreed. We were going to dinner then to watch the homecoming game. I wasn't on the football team at the time so I could do this. I saved up over a hundred dollars to take her somewhere nice. The day we were supposed to go on a date she texts me and says "Sorry I can't make it. Something came up. Maybe another time." I was crushed but I understood. I decided to go to the game anyway. When I got there she was there... with a guy and they were holding hands. She saw me and we looked at each other for a good minute then I decided just to leave.

The following Monday I ignored her. I did this for about a week. Finally she apologized and I accepted that she was with him and we became close friends again. . Her BF broke up with her and she was devastated. I of course was her shoulder to cry on. About a month later we started getting closer. I wasn't going to make a move because I didn't want a repeat of last time so I ignored it for a few months.

She has an older sister who was a few months pregnant at that time. One day she told me her sister was having a baby shower a few weeks from then and wanted to know if I wanted to come and meet her family. I agreed and was excited for a while. However we have some more to go before we get there.

Valentines day was a few days away so I decided to be cute and ask her out. I brought her a teddy bear and asked her the question. She said yes and it was the greatest days of my life. A week before the baby shower I found out my mom and step dad had to work that day and couldn't take me. They could only pick me up after. Of course I panicked but decided to hit up some friends and got a ride. That day I was so nervous I couldn't sit still. My friends picked me up but didn't make it any better. They kept asking me "Are you nervous?" and "We are almost there how are you feeling?" I just kept playing it cool and expected them to be inside giving me a chance to meet them one by one. Nope. Wrong.

We pulled up and my door was on the far side from her house. I saw a bunch of people on the porch and that seemed to be were the party was. I started shaking and opened my door. Everyone started staring because no one knew who I was and couldn't see me yet. I stood there paralyzed before finally my friends made me move. I closed the door and walked out around the vehicle. This is what I hear yelled "Oh my goodness it's Destiny's boyfriend!" Then Destiny comes running out and hugs me. So I obviously hug her then I hold her hand and walk up there smiling. I go around shaking hands and introducing myself and meet everyone on the porch. Her step mom and dad were nice and not at all like I expected.

We sat down and started eating and playing games just having a good time. After a few hours the party died down so Destiny, her friend Anna, and I go into her living room to watch some movies. We put on Pineapple express (a stoner movie basically) and I put my arm around Destiny. Her dad came in and watched it for a little while before going to his room. We talked and had a good time before my mom pulled in. I walked outside with Destiny and my mom came up wanting to meet the parents. So they came out and chatted for a few minutes.

Finally I hugged Destiny and said my good byes and we left. About 10 minutes after leaving I got a text from Destiny. "Hey, I don't think this is going to work we should just be friends." I was once again hurt. I sat back and didn't say a word to my mom. I texted back. "So that's it? We are breaking up?" She texted "Yeah. Sorry." I didn't text back or say a word. When we got home I went to my room and went to bed. It was about 5 in the afternoon but I didn't care. The next day was Saturday. I stayed in my room all day and only ate dinner.

I got another text from her "Hey are you there? I'm sorry again. Are we still friends?" I ignored the text and laid down listening to music crying softly so I wouldn't have to tell my mom. Sunday I did the same thing all day. My mom walked in and asked what was wrong. I shook my head and left it at that. She left me alone and I continued to be depressed.

The next day at school everyone who tried to talk to me I ignored. Including her. That continued for a few days. I came home everyday and went straight to my room. My mom finally caught me crying one day and made me tell her. She looked shocked and said "Why? I thought everything went good. No wonder you have been acting weird. I am so sorry." I burst into tears hearing all that and she comforted me. Finally I got my act together and started talking to my friends. Ignoring Destiny.

This happened a few weeks ago and it still really hurts. I don't know how to get my mind off of it but I know I have to some how. She keeps trying to talk to me and telling me it was her not me but telling others a different story. I am crushed but trying to look like it doesn't bother me. I need help but I don't know what to do.

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Daniel Montoya says:
06 May, 2017 04:59 AM

sorry man it's kinda like my story

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John Lara says:
16 May, 2017 03:11 PM

Thank you. It's getting better now that it has been a while. I am living everyday to the fullest. Is your story posted on here? If so I would love to read it.

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Cursten Burleson says:
20 May, 2017 06:37 PM

Hey! My name is Cursten and I'm going through exactly what you went through! My boyfriend was everything to me and I met his family spent many nights with him and 2 days after Christmas he broke up with me! I was heartbroken! I still have and it's been almost 6 months that we've been broken up. I still cry every night before I go to bed! But I will pray for you! I will pray that it gets better and it will because I have faith and you should too! Get you a bible and look at the verse Philippians 4:13! "I can do ALL thing through Christ who strengthens me" I'm praying for you!

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John L. says:
11 Aug, 2017 04:27 PM

Cursten thanks a lot and although I wasn't with her as long it still hurts as though I had been. I will pray for you as well and no worries it all gets better. It has been 6 months now and I still miss her but I am not as hurt as I was before and I am looking for someone else, someone who won't hurt me like I have been in the past. Thank you again for your comment I greatly appreciate it.

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John L. says:
15 Aug, 2017 02:15 AM

"Nevertheless you have done well that you shared my distress." - Phillippians 4:13 Thank you so much Cursten. You seem amazing. Religious, smart, and you seem like a really good hearted person. He is missing out. All you can do is pray that the lord heals you. I know that he can make everything better for you even though it's hard right now. If you ever need someone to talk to don't be afraid to ask and i'm sure you can add me on FB or email me. Either way stay strong and have faith and the lord shall take care of you.

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Erica Fuentes says:
07 Sep, 2017 02:30 AM

I know exactly what you are going through. I was dating a guy named John and we were together for three years. He asked me out on Valentines Day and we went to a romantic dinner. He met my parents and I met his. He had stayed at our house because his stepdad and his mom was abusive. He had a lot of difficult times in his life and I was always his shoulder to cry on as a friend and girlfriend. But I guess something wasn't right. He broke up with me over text two weeks ago and blocked me on everything social media related. When we went back to school he was in almost all of my classes and due to last name we sat by each other in each one. He would sometimes be super angry or super sad. But he never once looked or talked to me. When we are told to work in partners he works by himself. The only times he talks to me is when he says rude things to me and he says it is all my fault. But even if it was like your situation with Destiny you have to be the bigger person and tell her why you feel the way you do. Resolve all the issues with her and let her know if you will continue to stay friends with her or if you need time.

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Angiee says:
20 Sep, 2017 03:42 AM

John L,
Your story was one of the cutest things I have ever heard. The way you waited for her to come around the second time and how you were nervous when you met her family. Especially the waiting part and accepting that she had another boyfriend during homecoming. That showed real emotional maturity and love that goes beyond the drama of break up make up.
The story touched my heart because I have had several times where I have felt this type of love and acceptance and it was hard when we broke up because I truly loved the person. Each time it has gotten easier because I have decided that love is love and regardless of where things have ended up, love is and always will be there. I hope you find someone who truly appreciates you're maturity and love. Thank you for reminding me that getting excited and closer to someone, and loving them is forever, regardless of what happens after.

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John L. says:
13 Oct, 2017 02:21 PM

Erica, I'm sorry to hear that. It can be painful and really hard to understand sometimes but we just have to keep our head up and be strong and we can get through this.

Angiee, Thank you. It still hurts but not as bad anymore. I think if you are going to be old enough to have a relationship you have to be mature enough as well. I try to treat my girlfriend like a queen and spoil her and make sure I treat her right. It's the way it should be. I'm glad my story touched you.

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Jessica says:
20 Feb, 2018 02:38 PM

Hey I am Jessica, I have been through this as well if you wanna talk hmu on sc jsimp02 I hope you can get over Destiny soon xx always here for people

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Anon says:
05 Jun, 2018 12:08 PM

Just kill them all. {in all seriousness, you should probably get some counseling}

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