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The life I had


28 Feb, 2017 05:43 AM

Alright. I don't want to make this over formal or annoyingly depressing. But hey - I'm going to be completely honest in this. It feels like I have somewhere to say all my troubles because I can't tell them to my friends or anything. So here we go!

Part 1. Who I am!
I'm the kid everyone knows. My name is Lyric, I'm a guy, I've done modeling gigs and a lot of girls say I'm attractive. I am NOT narcissistic. I just want to make that clear because a lot of (not to be rude) not very good looking people whine about not getting a girl / guy but it's obvious why. Sorry to be rude. Anyway - literally every kid at my school knows me. The kid who is always fighting. The kid who is always making people laugh. The kid who is always being nice and caring for girls and stands up to people. Oh yeah. And the kid who killed someone. There's that as well. It was a hobo trying to mug me and my friends. Anyway - I'm that dude that some guys are jealous of and girls hate because I have such a great life.

Part 2. Not the life you think
So I have a shit ton of problems. Who doesn't though. I was abused as a kid and still sometimes am but that's ok because I'm not really phased by it. My mom likes to sexually harass me with neck kisses, forcing me to make out, hand on my thigh, and sitting on me - then threatening me with something if I do anything or run away. And yeah I have tried running. My "friend" ratted me out to the police. (side note; I'm 15) My bio dad left but decided to come back when my mom threatened to get child services and that good stuff. He called me at like 2 in the morning to tell me I was an accident and gave me a lesson to always wear a condom or I may have a mistake like he did. That felt pretty great. Love you too. My step dad hits me sometimes with hangars and I think he gets off to it a little bit. Disturbing.

Part 3. Unfortunate stuff
I'm not trying to make this super long but I felt you should know a little about my personal self before telling you what happened. So here it is :)

I was looking for a rebound girl (a real relationship, not just someone to keep my mind off her) after my girlfriend moved and started ignoring me and stuff. So I found one. Perfect! She genuinely seemed to care. I didn't care that much she wasn't the prettiest because her personality did make up for it by 100 fold. Besides she appreciated my expansive vocabulary and made me feel empowered so I did it right back. Everyday for about two weeks we were talking and we decided to make out after school one day. It was like a dream come true. Then I go to the breakfast table and see her holding hands with my supposed "best" friend. I ask around about stuff and turns out they made out on the fucking bus together. Pretty awesome to know that you tried so fucking hard for the one girl that got you over feeling like a piece of shit, made you feel even worse. Oh wait here's the better part - they meet two god damn days before. So yeah that fucked me up pretty bad. She pretended she did nothing wrong. I told her I forgive her bc I love her too much for something like that to get in the way. Then after school I wanted to knock the fuck out of the dude she was with. She forced him to kiss her. He backed off bc he saw me and were friends. But her face when she saw me was pretty priceless. But all she did was see a tear run down my cheek and me go inside to punch a hole in the wall of the school. Anyway, three days pass, I ignore her because I know if she says one wrong thing I'll go off on her and she doesn't deserve it. Then I started to not care about it and we started talking again. Then some rude ass dude came up to me and made fun of me bc she chose two other dudes over me. So I grabbed him by the throat, and pounded on his diaphragm. Pretty good feeling. So I got over what happened and we talked again for like half a month and we made out again and then she fucking pretends she doesnt even know me at church. She didn't say hi, didn't give me a hug, and barely even looked at me. And this was hours after we made out. And yeah I get it. It's not sex and I'm only 15 so I don't understand true sadness or whatever. So as church got out I see her talking to another dude and I come up and give her a hug and kinda kiss her neck, then she pushes me away and the dude like really pushes me and I hit the wall. Ok that's cool. So she ignores me for the next couple days and whatever. She says she doesnt like me like that anymore. after all that she said and lied about. pretty great isnt it? I decided that no one gives a shit anyway so I got the bottle of hydrocodone and gulped two down with some vodka. Well I wasn't thinking very clear bc that fucked me up and I passed out. I woke up and remembered everything that happened. Went to school. Saw her cuddled up with ANOTHER new guy. decided to take my anger out on a teacher bc when she asked me to move i asked for her to shut her mouth. She said "Im going to call the office right now if you don't move up here by me" and I moved up there, pushed her to the side, dialed for the office, flipped the teacher off, broke her computer screen, and told the office fuck you. They got me and I told them to keep their hands off me, then said "I have a gun in there, watch out" well they searched me and found my brass knuckles, weed, switchblade, butterfly knife, swishers, cigs, and 9 mm ammo I was delivering. So they called my parents and whatever. A teacher told me it was gonna be ok and i told her fuck you im on my own and kept walking. I walked out and the cop threatened me so i kicked his tire and threatened his family because I found his address.

Uh I'll do a part two if for some reason someone finds this entertaining to read. This is my first time writing and what not so sorry, thanks for reading though!!

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Grey-Winged Angel says:
17 Apr, 2017 01:19 PM

Quite good for a first attempt, just a few things to clear up, punctuation, some spelling, character development and a very fast moving storyline. If you are still in school, you have the opportunities to clear some of that up and further improve your writing, but good first effort!

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wooww says:
18 Apr, 2017 10:22 PM

Damn..that was deep. I'm sorry about all that though, jesus :(

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Kari says:
26 Apr, 2017 01:34 PM

Is this real? because shit this is fucking badass

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Elli26Gamer says:
09 Jul, 2017 03:54 AM

If you go church. Please don't write so many bad words. In my opinion do you think God would be pleased because I don't think so. Also you if she keeps doing this, acting like she doesn't know you. Then find yourself another girl, and that might make her jealous. Next, she's probably going want you back. That's just a idea I have.

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Judith says:
09 Aug, 2017 09:13 PM

I'm really sorry that you've had to live through all of this. I'm 15 as well and I know how it hurts to get your heart broken. But I think you should just move on and find a better girl who loves you better. I hope your situation gets better!!

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JustJudith says:
10 Aug, 2017 08:49 AM

I don't think you'll see this message but anyway. I'm really sorry you've had to go through all of this Lyric. My advice for the girl stuff is that you just have to find another one that loves you better than her. I know it isn't easy cause I'm 15 as well and I know how it hurts to get your heart broken but you have to move on. And your parents I think one day they'll realize how much they have hurt you and well.... I don't know what they'll do but anyway I really hope your life gets a lot better and that you write a second part to this story :) By the way I think you write really well, this story is really deep

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