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The life I had


28 Feb, 2017 05:43 AM

Alright. I don't want to make this over formal or annoyingly depressing. But hey - I'm going to be completely honest in this. It feels like I have somewhere to say all my troubles because I can't tell them to my friends or anything. So here we go! Part 1. Who I am! I'm the kid everyone knows. My name is Lyric, I'm a guy, I've done modeling gigs and a lot of girls say I'm attractive. I am NOT narcissistic. I just want to make that clear because a lot of (not to be rude) not very good looking people whine about not getting a girl / guy but it's obvious why. Sorry to be rude. Anyway - literally every kid at my school knows me. The kid who is always fighting. The kid who is always making people laugh. The kid who is always being nice and caring... [Read More]

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one little thing can change everything


28 Jul, 2010 05:05 AM

i started working at a fast food store when i was quite young. on my first shift i met this boy named Jason, we got along really well talking about everything and anything as we were so close in age and were the two youngest employees there. we worked almost every shift together and began to get really close. everytime i was around him i got a funny feeling inside of me ( i know you always hear about 'that' feeling in movies but i had never experienced a feeling like this before ) after a while everyone knew that we liked each other. we were so silly we told everyone but each other. people made jokes about us going out but we would both just laugh about it. his parents were really into his education and he had up comming exams and his parents wouldn't let him go out... [Read More]

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