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The life I had


28 Feb, 2017 05:43 AM

Alright. I don't want to make this over formal or annoyingly depressing. But hey - I'm going to be completely honest in this. It feels like I have somewhere to say all my troubles because I can't tell them to my friends or anything. So here we go! Part 1. Who I am! I'm the kid everyone knows. My name is Lyric, I'm a guy, I've done modeling gigs and a lot of girls say I'm attractive. I am NOT narcissistic. I just want to make that clear because a lot of (not to be rude) not very good looking people whine about not getting a girl / guy but it's obvious why. Sorry to be rude. Anyway - literally every kid at my school knows me. The kid who is always fighting. The kid who is always making people laugh. The kid who is always being nice and caring... [Read More]

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Ghostly Tale


25 Dec, 2014 08:43 PM

I am a ghost, a mere soul drifting in-between the dead and alive. A vague memory existent in the hearts and minds of many; however I never obtained the chance, never opened my eyes wide enough to discern how significant my presence once was... An unusual emptiness divulged as doleful faces began to appear at the door. "Please...can you all, take a seat" a weary voice maffled, as individuals gradually began to amble into the sombre Science room. I stood silently, contemplating the countless mournful faces, with an intense sense of bewail. I focused generally on the heartache which had diffused like cancer among the numerous contented faces I formerly knew. The many "contented" faces that formerly knew me... Patiently, our teacher stood amid the room, waiting until every grave face had settled down into their seats before uttering a 'respectful' oration to introduce the lesson. I don't quite recall... [Read More]

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My other half is dead


15 Jul, 2011 09:34 PM

My story will begin with my pain in theses words and will end the same way. It shouldn't be hard to believe but I'll promise that it is true.. I live in a house with both parents. my parents are Muslim and they were raised that way. me & my twin brother, ahmed werent. the things they tried to keep us from only lead us closer to it. my brother was my life. he was my twin.. he would always say "it's you and me against the world." i loved him more than i loved my self or anyone else. but i was selfish. my brother wasn't a man.. he feared other men. i was the strong one.. i was the one that was always there to fight his fights. to hold him high and take his pain. It all started on a regular day. we were walking in our... [Read More]

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