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Wasted Love


06 Feb, 2017 08:48 AM

There was once a girl named Kristine who falls in love deeply with a boy. It started out as friends when they were in third year high school, they were in different school but still they text each other often times. At first she didn't like him because of her arrogant attitude, but still they have their communication, but when they were in the last year of their high school the guy just suddenly stops communicating with her with no possible reasons, the girl was wondering at first but because she has no right to get angry or what she just get on with it.

Time passes and the girl graduated from high school and enter college, she enrolled in a prestigious school and because she is friendly she easily make friends. One day she got a text from an unknown number, this was the conversation goes.
Unknown no: Hello, how are you?
Her: Hi, do i know you?
Unknown no: Yes, you know me very well
Her: Who are you?
Unknown no: This is Bryan, remember me?
Her: Yes i remember you, i didn't expect you would text me again. How'd you know my new number
Bryan: I just have some connections. (with a smiley emoticon)
Kristine: Oh that's nice
Bryan: Can we meet later?
Kristine: Sure

After Bryan texted Kristine they meet at a fancy restaurant near their school. From then on their friendship backs to normal and they even get closer compared before. Months pass and Bryan confess her feelings for Kristine, at first she is dumbfounded and can't react at all but Bryan said he is willing to wait for her until she's ready but he didn't expect that he would hear the word "yes" from Kristine after asking her if she can be his girlfriend. Bryan hug her because of so much happiness and said that she loves her very much. Kristine also said that she loves him very much.

Years passed and their relationship even get stronger, Kristine introduce him to her family but her family didn't really like him because he didn't enter college. Kristine's family is very strict when it comes to education but this test in life only makes them more stronger, but test in life not always make the relationship stronger sometimes it makes it weak.

One Friday morning, Kristine texted Bryan and greet him Happy Anniversary because it's their 8th year anniversary but the guy didn't respond to her text. She tried to call him but his phone is turned off, all day long she tried to contact him but still no response, at this point Kristine felt nervous.

Next morning, she went to Bryan's house to check if he's ok but she didn't expect what he saw. A man and a woman kissing each other in the lips and later did she realized that it was Bryan and a girl who is unfamiliar to her, her eyes grew big because of what she saw. Bryan was also shocked when he saw Kristine standing in front of his door, a few seconds before he comes back to his senses and try to approach Kristine but before he get close to her she slap him in the face, and here is their conversation

Kristine: How could you do this to me? (crying)
Bryan: Let me explain, it's not what you think
Kristine: This is not what I think? you're caught in the act and you're telling me that it's not what I think? After everything I've done for you, this is what I get in return? You said that you love me more than anything else but why did you do this? why did you cheat on me?
Bryan: i'm sorry, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you.

But before he could touch her Kristine walk away. Days and weeks passed but still Kristine didn't respond to all the calls and text of Bryan, even if Bryan go to their house Kristine wont go outside her room.

After three weeks Kristine finally reply to Bryan's text and she wants to meet him to clear things out. Bryan meet him in a park, when he get there he saw Kristine sitting in a bench and he approached her. This was the conversation goes.

Bryan: I'm glad that I see you again. I've missed you
Kristine: I told you to meet me here because there's something I want to tell you. I want to make things clear for the both of us. I just want you to know that it's over, our relationship is over, and I hope we will not see each other anymore.
Bryan: Is it hard to give me a second chance, please give me a chance to make it up to you. I know I've done wrong but I didn't mean it, I'm just drunk that time and I don't really know what I'm doing. (crying)
Kristine: Stop explaining, your explanation doesn't matter now, the fact that you cheat on me is enough to stop this relationship. I'm sorry but I can't forgive right now because it really hurts. Goodbye Bryan.. Thanks for the memories.

After saying that Kristine walk away and Bryan was left crying and didn't know what to do.

Sometimes you think relationships gets stronger over the years but in some cases it's not really true, even though you have a long time relationship, one mistake your relationship will end.

Quote for this story:
"It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it."

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merilyn says:
17 Apr, 2017 09:29 AM

Ohhhhh what a sad story....

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das amit kumar says:
25 Jun, 2017 09:51 PM

money lost something lost..
character lost everything lost..

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Keeyah09 says:
11 Jul, 2017 08:28 PM

OMG :( So heartbreaking

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James Holmes says:
17 Jun, 2018 09:19 PM

Same thing happened with me.
But I gave her the second chance as I cant bear the separation.
But after few weeks, it came out that she continued cheating me and crossed all the limits...
I was left with no other option but to leave her forever....

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