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02 Feb, 2017 05:50 AM

Love. The word was confusing, it was a word that not one human understood. No matter who tried to figure out its mystery, they all failed... unless they use only one way to unlock the definition. Find it. You find love. This is a story about a girl that once unlocked love and then locked it back up once more.

Her name was Katie. Her life wasn't the best, and wasn't the worst. Her family, wealthy, her house large. But her grades dragged behind her almost always. Her mother was kind, but often harsh, and her dad was barely home. Katie went to school and was really popular. People loved her, if she looked terrible one day, they wouldn't DARE say a thing.

Katie became friends with a boy named Luke. He was friendly, attractive, and still an awkward teenage boy mind. Katie crushed on him for weeks, but he dated her best friend and things got rough. Once they broke up, Katie told him and he didn't like her back. Katie wasn't broken, she was used to rejection, no matter how popular she was and how many people worshipped her, boys never were the big picture.

Luke asked for nudes one day. Over snapchat. Katie made the big mistake if sending pictures of herself in her bra, and sent them, he complimented her to the point were she cried, she'd never gotten complimented by a boy.

Katie's feelings for him decreased over time as his increased for her. She started crushing on this hockey player named Colin. Colin was really hot, and had long hair that was blonde and was super funny. Everything a girl would want. Katie got super close to him and they were good friends. Then one night Luke asked again.

Katie was split. Colin or Luke? Colin was incredibly nice, popular, and never asked for nudes. Luke was that stuff too, but the nude asking was getting to be too much. Katie ignored Luke. He sent a huge paragraph complimenting her and her body and his feelings for her. Colin would never ask for nudes.

Colin was fortunately talking to Katie during the Luke incident. Katie screenshotted the picture sent by Luke of his paragraph, and sent it to Colin. Katie trusted Colin he wouldn't send it to anyone.

The next morning SHE had 900 some texts, FROM NON GROUP MESSAGES. It was all about how Katie sent nudes to Luke! She couldn't believe it. Colin??? Had he done this? Or had Luke suddenly turned... Katie read every text and unfortunately the boy she'd been dreaming over, Colin sent them out. She trusted him. Colin went behind her back and showed people. Luke's situation was worse. He was terribly mad, and said to Katie that "she was worthless, and he regretted everything we did" Katie only wanted to loose her virginity to Luke. If Colin was an option, she might have, but Luke was the only person she could lucre herself with doing that. They had roll played it and gotten so close. Nothing. Katie was torn, she didn't go to school for days. Colin's snapchats were long apologies wanting forgiveness from Katie. Katie was terrible. People were raiding her accounts on social media, calling her names like "Hoe, Worthless prick, Nasty Bitch" and things that could shatter a person with one syllable. Her eyes were never dry.

She every night would cry her eyes out and one day, there were no more tears left. Her face was pale and drained, her eyelashes soaked to the atoms, her brown eyes a sullen grey, and her hands shaky and small.

Later that week, She heard her doorbell, she went to get it, and Colin stood there as she opened the door. "Is it okay if I come in?" He said

"No" She replied, already choking up.

"Is anyone else home?" he asks.


"Please Katie" He pleads, even his voice is shaky. She tries to close the door but he opens it again. She sniffle and look into his blue eyes. "Don't you understand? You ruined me! Everyone hates me, I have no more friends they all think I'm a fucking slut!" She shrieks. He takes her face in his hands and my eyes are too his shirt. It says "Vans".

Katie back away and run up the stairs. He closes the door behind him and follows her . She plop down on her bed of tissues. SWITCH PERSON POV.
I grab my pillow and hug it, and Colin stumbles in my room. He scans it, and sees my laptop crumpled into a shredded mess in the corner.

I cry a little, and then he sits next to me. "Katie.. I'm really sorry. None of this was supposed to happen, we were best friends I can't let this go. I can't see you in pain." He says his hair waving gently.

I wipe my eyes. "You've causes so much pain" I say.

I look into his eyes again, they're blue diamond, with all the edges of creativity, spunk, and hotness. He takes my hand and looks into my brown eyes. I can't believe this is happening.

I close my eyes and I feel him closer. He kisses me. Gently at first, he's so tall and large and I sit there like a weak lamb next to a Lion. We're still kissing, and I take a little breath. He kissed me harder, but just a little. It's amazing. His hand is on my leg and mine on his chest and in his beautiful hair. His hand is on my back now. His lips are so soft, softer then they seem. When we back away, I wanted to cry. I never waned to separate from him. His hand was still on my back and mine was still on his shoulder and chest.

He looked at me long and said "I've wanted to do that for a very long time" and this is a miracle, but I smirked, or maybe just the edges of my mouth perked but barely.

He released his hand from my back and I took mine off too. I started to get up to open the door for him but he took my hand and made me sit down again. He asked me "Where are your parents?" And I said the truth "Out, they won't be back until Monday."
It was Friday.

That's when I broke my promise to Luke. Colin kissed me again, except with more purpose. My hand flew to his chest again, and his hand was on my waist. WAIST. His hand started to go on my skin. In the rib location first, just moving around in tiny circles. Then He broke me really close his hand wrapped around my waist and my chest was on his. He layed me down still kissing me. Where was this going? My nerves speckled.

He took my shirt off, and it happened.

Luke and I never had it. I broke my promise to him. I said I would never do "it" with anyone other than him. At the end of it. (he brought the essentials btw) at the end of it.. He kissed me gently and we were clothed again. "Katie"
"I never realized how much I love you" and then he left. Actually I made him leave, because At 7:30 Luke was coming over.

Tags: Missing, Hurt
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poof says:
29 Mar, 2017 06:22 AM

is that the end of the story??? because if it is it isn't really good.

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Mag says:
06 Apr, 2017 04:12 AM

Do more!!!!!

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Kari says:
25 Apr, 2017 06:19 PM

Eh,this is sort of sad,buuuut meh.I liked it though ????

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