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18 Jan, 2017 01:52 AM

Love…is a word you use when you feel a spark between you and another. In my words, I don’t believe in any type of love. True love, love at first sight, or just plain “I love you”. You can’t just meet somebody and instantly fall in love. You can’t just know after your first date that you two are meant to be, because things happen. One of you could cheat or one of you could move somewhere very far having for both of you to stop seeing each other. Then you’d realize that it wasn’t meant to be. You’d realize that he wasn’t going to be the person you thought you would spend the rest of your life with. I’m not trying to hate on people who think they are in love, but let’s be realistic. Love is just a myth people made up to make them feel wanted and special.

I wasn’t always like this, but I had to secure myself from any feelings for anyone. I used to be completely and madly in love. And I thought we’d end up together, but we didn’t. He ended up falling for the blonde headed, skanky look, ugly faced, whore. When I first met, her I did not like her. I met the ex-love of my life at my school. He made my face light up with just his smile. I was about 6 and he was 9 when I first met him. He was tall, handsome, smart, funny, and amazing. I could stare into his light brown eyes and never look away. His name was Jackson. But, I ended up leaving for a year. I didn’t come back and I didn’t know what for.

I came back after summer break to find a new student there. Her name was Crystal. She wasn’t all that great at anything, but she seemed nice. As I walked through those hallway doors again, I found Jackson standing at the other side of the room talking to Crystal. When he saw, me he rushed over and hugged me tight and I felt so happy to know I was still his girl. May I remind you I wasn’t his girlfriend but the new girl seemed interested in that position. She was very touchy and clingy over him. It kind of made me mad, but I had to remember he wasn’t mine.

A few months passed and Jackson stopped hanging with me. He was always around Crystal and this time I wasn’t too happy. I tried everything texting, talking, calling, but nothing. So, I finally decided I wanted to tell him how I felt about him. I was about to leave to Florida for summer break and I told Crystal to tell him for me and report back. At that time, I thought she was my friend so I trusted her. When she told, him he told me that he didn’t feel the same way. I was upset. So, out of sadness I told her to tell him I didn’t want to be friends anymore. When I asked how he reacted she told me he was crushed.

When I left to Florida I realized I made a mistake. I wanted to be friends with him again. But I knew he wouldn’t want the same thing and I was right. I spent the whole summer thinking about what I would say to him. Would I just beat around the bush or just tell him? After about two months in the hot, I came home. I was excited to be back, but crushed to know that my best friend isn’t my best friend anymore. He and Crystal became close. When I mean, close I mean CLOSE. They both developed feelings for each other. The one person I wanted to see after I got back, was Jackson and my best girlfriend. When I came back that Monday I was told that Jackson and Crystal were together. I just couldn’t believe that after I told her to tell him how I felt she still went after him.

This is when I realized she wasn’t a friend anymore. I spent days and weeks crying my eyes out. The thought of them being together was really upsetting, but knowing that Jackson didn’t even try to fix our friendship was the worst feeling in the world. We’ve been friends for almost 5 years and he didn’t try to fix it. That point made me realize that he wasn’t my best friend anymore, he was hers.

For all my readers, I want you to know that this whole story is true. I went through every upsetting and crushing moment. Now she’s going to his house all the time and stealing the people I love. They don’t call me to hang out anymore. They call her. I just feel that since she arrived my life has been even more depressing than it was before. Every day I wish that she would’ve never walked through those doors. But, he’s happy. So, I’m happy. I just wish he could’ve been happy with me. I guess love is something you can’t push, but something you find.

That is why I close my heart off with 3 chains and 7 locks. I can’t be broken again. I know I’m young but he was everything to me, and now he’s everything to her.

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Lupita says:
27 Feb, 2017 04:35 PM

Ik how it feels I thought this guy liked me but no this girl took him away from me we were never friends but we talk to each other that's the last time I see him ever

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kate says:
27 Feb, 2017 05:07 PM

are you sure she told Jackson you loved him? are you sure she didn't just tell him you didn't want to be his friend anymore? I just think you should confirm the truth from Jackson.. I'm sorry you had to go through that

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Zzzzzzz says:
03 Mar, 2017 12:21 AM

So sad????????

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Katie says:
15 Mar, 2017 05:49 AM

Ik how you feel me and this guy were best friends for a while then we dated for a month and 2 days. When he broke up with me I cried every night and was very emotinal. It has been almost a month since he broke up with me and I still cry and think about him, he is going thro so much and he had to break up with me bc of the distance. It was hard and I thought oh we are friends we will talk like we used to, but then I dated another guy and after I noticed I still had fellings for my first true love I broke up with him and now I cry almost every night bc I could still be with him if it wernt for my heart, bc now I am blocked on his snapchat and cant talk to him anymore and it crushes my heart knowing that he thinks his life sucks, bc everyone goes thro a rough patch and I hope thats all it is for him!

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Eliza says:
17 Mar, 2017 08:17 PM

I know what your going through ,I met this boy he said he loved me we texted a lot and met up ,then after a few weeks he stopped texting ,kept telling me he was busy and told me he wanted to date in high school but I thought that he wanted to wait cause hes in 8 and I'm in 7 so he would leave and get rid of me , I knew he didn't love me the way I loved him so I broke it off a week later I found out that he was dating my friend and that broke my heart ,my friend asks me now who I like I just think its best to work on school and not to worry on boys

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kari says:
25 Apr, 2017 06:39 PM

same.I lost a kind handsome beautiful brown-eyed asian to a girl-player,it still hurts,and its been a year

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Nafea says:
06 Jun, 2017 08:27 AM

my dear , its sad that he leave u and you lock ur heart and never open it again , but there is some hope , don't ever give up in find friend , and be his the only girl he look for , don't make all ur entire life for one guy who even doesn't care about u , u can find another believe me there is some good guys in the world who can make friend with , do anything for u and even sacrifice his life for his love , his future wife that he look for , what I want to tell u don't give up and try and try entail u find the true man .

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Natili says:
01 Jul, 2017 05:04 PM

i lost a gorgeous light skin boy to a pale red haired bitch. she ruined everything i had. She played him while i was alone with nobody.

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Arianna says:
06 Jul, 2017 06:27 PM

Thank you guys. All your comments mean so much to me. I hope this was an amazing story to read

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