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destiny peavy

11 Jan, 2017 03:39 PM

There was a 16-year-old girl name Annie, in the 10th grade she was so happy she had her friends, family and her loving boyfriend. She was always trying to make people happy. Always made good grades.
But for some reason, kids were always picking on her.she tried to tell my teacher but she did nothing (thanks, public school system). She felt so low, didn't have any friends, and was a complete outcast. She tried everything to fit in, I hated school. Others would call me names, take my lunch, and beat me up. It wasn't a bad kid, in fact, she was pretty laid back, and never cause harm to anyone.

One day she and her boyfriend went on a date to the movies. 30 minutes into the movie Jack said “I'll be right back I'm gonna get some candy and something to drink” Annie said “okay babe”. 20 minutes he didn’t come back so she went to find him. What she found her heart was into pieces like something was cutting into her chest. She saw her boyfriend kissing and hugging her best friend. Annie ran out the movies as fast as she can she walked all the way home crying. Her boyfriend and best friend tried to text her but no reply back.
Next day she went to school she wears her hood up the whole day and when she got into class there was a single desk in the back of the class and the class period she was listening to music. when it was time for lunch she would sit in the back hood up music turned up loud and cried thinking “why would they do that to me ?” Jack and Emma come over and tried to sit with her but Annie got up and ran to the girl's bathroom and she saw the cool girls and they said: “Oh look here a whore.” Annie ran home and went to her room crying she texted her boyfriend saying” it's over I'm done I know what you and Emma did at the movies”.

Annie went to sleep and when she woke up she saw that jack and Emma tagged her into a posted it said” Annie is a hoe, slut and she had STDs and that when I was with her she wouldn’t show who was texting her 20 guys texted me and said your girl is sending nudes .” when Annie saw that she was so upset she didn’t know what to say.

Since that day every day at school was crap for her people was saying “ stay away from her she has std. She stops caring about her school work and stops eating. She stops going to school most days her mom came to her room and said are you going to school today? No mom maybe tomorrow. She laid in her bed thinking why are they doing this to me?

One day she took not take it anymore so she texted Jack and Emma saying I hope you're happy….. She wrote a note saying I'm sorry for everything I have done she took some meds and she took her own life over bullying……Annie's mom came home and yelled for Annie but she didn't say a word. Her mom got worried and went to her room and she saw her daughter hanging there. The mom got Annie down and saw the note and she read it. It said..."dear mom, I'm so sorry but I could not take it no more I was always depressed since dad left and the bullying at school so I decided to take the pain away I'm so sorry but I love you."When her mom got done reading it she was so sad and crying she called the father and told him...

That Friday they had the funeral that day at 12:30 to 3:00 and everyone showed up and hour goes on and Jack and Emma shows up and everyone just turned around and just looked at them and they just dropped their heads and lead a tear out and said “I'm said Annie..Jack thought it was his fault so he would always go back to the same spot they every first met at every day it ate at him every day he cut and took drug until one day he never woke up ????????

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Beth says:
27 Feb, 2017 07:53 PM


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nafea says:
07 Jun, 2017 08:12 AM

Sometimes the life unfair for us , but u have to fight it even tho u lose ur father , ur damn boy friend or anything else , u have to fight until reach ur goal or die trying no matter what happen to u ... its sad there is some human doing thing like this to young girl (16 year) that cant even hold her on :( ... I want say to these people : Damn u all

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Scarlet says:
07 Jul, 2017 11:39 PM

Woah okay no offense but my favourite author published a book that's exactly this story you didn't even bother changing the names of the characters and her book was published before you posted this so I don't think it's right to be posting stories that are literally taken from someone else's work and making it sound like your own because it's not. I'd really appreciate it if you took this story down.

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destiny peavy says:
22 Aug, 2017 08:13 PM

Scarlet this story is my life

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