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Fah the Saddest Love Ever


17 Nov, 2016 12:06 AM

Ok guys this is a true story this actually happened to me, well I don't know it would be sad for you or not, but for me it hurts so much enjoy.

It was the end of 3rd grade as I said goodbye to my friends, I hopped on my car as I head back home. The sun went down as I went to sleep, the next day I woke up as my head starts to spin. I went down as my mom spoke to me. "Your joining this thai summer school, get ready it starts on Monday" she said as she went to work. I stomp my feet as I went up to my room.

The day's went by it was Monday. I hopped out of bed as I got ready for summer school. I got to the thai school. The teachers took me for a walk around the school showing me where the rooms are and the playground. They showed me the schedule as I went to class. I introduced myself. I sat next to a person name Gun. Time went by fast. The first day of summer school ended as I quickly went back home. I didn't even wanted to go there again. The sun went down as I jumped into my bed. The sun went up. I slowly went to the car. 10 minutes later I arrived as I took a sigh.

I entered the room. As I talked with my new friend from yesterday Gun. The teacher came in as the learning started. "Ok before we start class, we have another new student coming in" said the teacher as the new student went in. When she stepped in my heart started to pump. I never looked away from her at that moment. As she spoke "Hi everyone my name is Fah" she said. (For those who don't know, Fah means sky in thai). Luckily she found a seat next to me. I started to talk with her. As I introduced myself to her. Day's went by. I began to like her more and more. Soon we became best friends as well as Gun too. Everyday I hangout with her and him. I wanted everyday to be longer.

On June 29. It was a field trip for Ayuthaya. I sat with her on the bus as we head off. We played lots of games. At the night we sat together as we watch the stars above us. She leaned her head to my shoulder. My face went red. Soon we all separated. The next day we went back to school. Day's went by again.

On July 5, I entered the room. As I found a note in my desk. It say's. "Hi park this is from Fah, This is a code for you to figure out, A comma is the end of a letter and a period is the end of the word. If you didn't figure it out then you can meet me under the tree. Also if you figure it out. This is her code. Me. A straight line then draw a horizontal at the bottom of the line go to the right, A line with a dot on top, A line with a V 90 degrees twisted to the left in the middle, the fifth letter of the alphabet. The second to last letter of the alphabet, A circle, Last letter is U. I didn't even understand a single bit of the question. I went to ask her, but she didn't respond to me. I went to lunch holding the paper. As Gun drew a beautiful picture. A light went though my head, I grabbed my notebook and my pencil as I started to follow her steps. "Me equals to I" I said. "A straight line then draw a horizontal at the bottom of the line go to the right, probably means the letter L". "Line with a dot on top, i,". Every time I figure out a letter my heart starts pumping harder and harder. It took my the whole lunch. I finished the puzzle. In my last class. It says. "I like you,". The bell rang. As I grabbed my bag. I quickly went down. A hour later, she appeared. In front of me. She blushed. "So what's your answer" she said.
I said to her "Then you want to?". As she smiled. "Well I just want you to know that I like you, were still in Grade 3, It's too fast to think of being in that relationship, how about 7th grade? She said as she ran to her car. I looked up to the sky. I hopped in my car minutes later. I went into my room as I screamed so loud. Time went past as a rocket. Summer school ended. I cried that whole day. Anyways 3 days later, 4th grade started. Everyday I talk to her. There wasn't I day I didn't think of her.
On march 9. It was her birthday. I gave her a present. The whole day I stayed with her. Playing badminton, card games. It was the best day of my life. Until 3 days later. I went back home. I took out my homework as I started to work on it. My phone rang. I pick out my phone, Gun was calling me, his voice trembled, "Dude listen carefully, Fah is hit by a car, she's in the hospital right now," He said.
"Your kidding me" I said. Soon I realized he didn't. I dropped my phone. I was praying to the god that he would survive, but on 7:58, she stopped breathing. Water went down my eye's. The whole week I was crying, I didn't even care what is going on. Until one day that I wanted to suicide. 1 year went by, I was carrying that hurt. On December, my family traveled to hokkaido, I got to go to the bell of love. I went close to the bell. I said my wish in my head, "At Least Can I have a second person like her?" I said.

3 years later, On 2016. Bang. I hit the shuttlecock. I'm 12 and I'm in 7th grade already. Also in the badminton team. The team finished 3rd place as we claimed the medal. On Wednesday. I packed my bags as my School heads off to a overnight field trip. I sat with my friend Ice. The whole way we pranked called our friends in school which was so funny. Other students open music. It was just crazy on the bus. Soon we stopped at the hotel were in. At Least it is not where some students are in. The school booked 2 which I was somehow put in the second hotel which was S**t. The bus drove us to the second hotel. We put our stuff in place. I have to sleep with my badminton buddy earth and Tong neung. Soon we got dressed as we all went to the 1st hotel. I was walking with Earth, Suddenly while I was walking I saw a girl sitting with the thai girls group. I stared at her. My legs were trembling. My hands were shaking. I didn't believe what I was seeing. It's her Fah, but not actually.
Soon I walked over to sit with my thai group. I stared at her, she looks completely like Fah. My heart began to pump. Soon our group went together as we combine to the thai group. Also the thai teacher joined. Later that evening I knew her name. I quickly remembered her name. Apple. The next day, our two group sat together again, After that we went on the things we chose. I was super lucky to be with apple. I started to talk to her. Also she plays badminton. So that evening I invited her to join our badminton group with contains my two other friends as we promise to meet on Thursday. The field trip ended, but not for me. It was a new start. Days went by as I became friends with Apple. Later that school year, we became best friends. We skyped everyday. Soon I started to like her. It was the most thing I wanted.

On February 14. Valentine's day. She said to me that she wanted a chocolate. I chat to her back. "Wow dude, you serious" I said. "If anyone sees you and me giving chocolate to each other, It's over" I said.
"No one will dude" she responded.

After school we both went to starbucks as I brought her Brownies. And she brought me chocolate chip cookies as we took a Snapchat. I saved it without telling her. I went home. As I went to my bookshelf. Soon I saw my photograph book. I opened it. It was all the photos from the summer. It dragged me back to the old days. It was the day's which I was with her. I opened my laptop as I printed the field trip photos and my photo's with Apple. I pasted on the book. As I flipped through them. Every second tears went down from my eye's. Those are the best moments of life. Time went by. One day she said to me in skype. "dude I think I like someone" she said. I was so excited. That I thought it was me. I asked her days and days. She didn't tell me. Months later rumors went out about me and her. Some of my friends started to call me and her Pork for some reason. Soon 7th grade ended. Summer went by. 8th grade started. The first day. We began to talk again. Time went by. Soon her friend told me a hint of who she liked. I soon figured it out who. I was so excited at first when he was gonna tell me. After he told me the hint. My head went down under the table. As I went to the bathroom. Locked the door. As I started to cry. I started to think of her. After that day, I became to tease her, day after day. Up to the point which she started to hate me. Soon my friend told me how she felt about me. She said she could date the old me than now. I started to hate myself for what I've done. The next day I started off with my old self. I did good things to her. Soon she said to my friend that we are friends again. I was happy, but it was all along my fault, but she still said that she still like that guy. Soon I told that person that she liked him. Later that day I took a photo of her and him together and drew a heart and accidentally send it to my friends. She became so mad at me. Later that day I began to tell her to stop liking him and began to insult the person she was liking. After that in school she walked up to me. She said "Why are you doing this Park?" she asked me. "Do you think it's funny?". "Well it's not dude,". "Why do you have to do it for?". "Stop insulting the person I like". I didn't answered her. Tears went down from her face. She shouted at me. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS" as she pushed me backwards and stared at me. I smiled and said. "Well, do I even need to say it". "Well if you hate me then, I'll give up on you". I said as I walked away. As I went into the bathroom and began to do the same thing I usually do. After that day she stop talking to me. I went home and I jumped into my bed. That jumped make my book fall to the ground. I reached for the book as I opened it. I flipped to the last page of the book. It was blank. Soon I printed out a picture. It was the picture I took with her on valentine's day, but instead of the cookies I replaced it with a broken heart. Which the broken heart was mine. The End

Well I hope that my story made some people cry, I cried like so much throughout this process of writing this. Although it ended with a broken heart it isn't that bad because me and her are still friends. Also her name is not Apple by the way to keep you guys wondering. Apple is the meaning of her name. Well I hope everyone enjoyed it. Also for those who didn't cry, sorry for wasting your time to read my life. Well anyways. I have to end this with a quote. "If you have a chance don't let it slip away because you could not get another chance of it".

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Bro this story has do weird ass name fah ice gun park what the fuck is this donald trumps campaign

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