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24 Oct, 2016 11:28 PM

It's embarrassing. To have such strong feelings towards someone I barely even know. It's pathetic.... But, it makes me smile. He makes me smile. He doesn't know it but every time I see him or he sees me, I get butterflies. I feel as if I'm on top of the world and can't be taken back down. He makes me so happy... I love him.

His smile is just so amazing... I can't help but to stop and take a second to let it sink in. His voice is like a harmony, not too high, but not too low. It's just right. And his laugh, oh, his laugh, it melts my heart. Once he's done, I just wanna hear it again. Just one more time. I love him....

I talked to him for the second time today. The bell had just rung to go to 7th period and I was sat in the lunch room, on the wall, next to the wide, almost corridor like, walkway. I had seen my friend Joseph and decided to wave. He didn't seem to notice me, so I waved again. In the corner of my eye I see him.... He was just a few steps in front of him. I'm hoping and wishing with every bone in my body that he thinks I'm waving at him. He does. He waves.

I was completely shocked at first, didn't know what to do. Like an idiot, I kept waving. But he kept waving too as he got closer to me. The next thing I know, my body stands up and I'm ready to start walking with him. I almost freeze. Then, very awkwardly, I say "hi" he says it back, I repeat, he repeats, I repeat again, and he does too.... How could I have been so awkward? I pulled my arm back and stopped waving to then go through my hair very shyly. He walks by, taking a little look back at me, but it didn't stop him.

After 7th period I go to the bathroom. There's only one class left for the day. I take my time, knowing that he'd be walking with his friend to class which was the same class that I am in. They take a little while, they talk a lot. I come out of the bathroom hoping to get just a glimpse of him. I do.... He was saying goodbye to his friend. I took a couple more steps, my heart sank... he hugged her.... He had talked to me before over messaging how he thought they would start dating. I wanted to forget about what he said so badly, and I still do....
The more I look at her, the more jealous I become. She's perfect. She's smart, nice, beautiful, short (which guys love, I'm usually the same height as them, so yeah...), motivated.... She's the "perfect" girl. I wish I could be her for a day... or at least have him for a day. Yeah.... Just him. I want to know that he cares about me; I want to know he wants me; I want to know he loves me.... But he doesn't.
He loves her....

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Alicia says:
21 Nov, 2016 09:21 AM

I'm feeling pretty much the same. I really like this guy (who used to like me and stopped liking me and know I just don't know) and now he has a girlfriend (or I think so). I really miss feeling his arms wrapped around me and seeing him smile every time he saw me :'( I wish I told him how I felt when he told me. I was just too shy. He was perfect... I always cry myself to sleep thinking about him which I think is kinda weird. He's always talking to my friend (kinda) who's always flirting with him. He seems to enjoy spending time her which makes me jealous sometimes. I just wish he was mine for atleast a day...

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Molly Heuring says:
30 Nov, 2016 09:25 PM

Aww that's sad I was like the same but I told him and now were dating

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Anonymous says:
20 Dec, 2016 05:27 AM

I know how you're feeling. I really liked this guy and he liked me. He emailed me every day. Then he told me he liked me.
I pretended I was indifferent. Then I got badly injured. Someone from my school attacked me. He was always thee for me. Then valentines day came and he wrote me an honest to god love letter. I confessed how I felt. He asked me out last summer. It was the best few months of my life. Then, he didn't talk to me anymore. He said he didn't think we were working out. Two weeks later, he asks another girl out. She said no but it hurt so bad. We're still friends and I don't know if he likes me or not. He openly flirts with me but that could be nothing. I'm so torn up about it

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Saman says:
09 Jan, 2017 03:35 PM

This is a really very sad story. This happen both male and female

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Kari says:
25 Apr, 2017 05:39 PM

*Sigh* same happened to me,more than twice.I'm the kind of girl that likes guys that usually don't like me back,and guys that like me,i just see as friends.This really got to me.(I'm A short,big brown eyed,black haired girl.)In 8th grade I was determined to not fall in love,and for awhile,i didn't. Then i met a boy,he won me over with his kindness.He had everything kindness,sense of Humor,a cute attitude,and even if he would deny it,he was pretty handsome.We texted all the time,and cuddled.We weren't dating but what did it matter as long as i was with him.Later i learned about another girl.He liked her,i heard rumors.I knew her,and she knew i liked him,he had met her after he'd met me.She would flirt with him,and i knew she liked him too,but i also knew she was a player,she hid the true her behind a mask of genuine sweetness.I couldn't help myself,i cried.I cried all day.I clutched my stomach,it felt like i was being stabbed.Later that day,i had martial arts with him,I tried avoiding him,but he hugged me.He lay me on his chest,and asked me what was wrong.I stood up and left.I couldn't get his sad smile out of my head when i left him sitting there though.I tried to move on,and in a way,i did.I still had feelings for him but,Time passed and i developed a crush on my best guy friend.Later on,I learned that my guy bestfriend did,INDEED have mad feelings for me.He confessed and we dated for awhile.We later broke up and my feelings for the other guy came rushing back stronger than ever,i had tried hiding them,but i only hurt myself.Later on,my guy bestfriend told my crush that i liked him.He did indeed like the other girl,he asked me if i was ok,i told him i was. when the night came i cried my eyes out.Currently,I'm dealing with low self-esteem.I don't know what to do,everytime i see him smile,I yearn for his hugs,i yearn for him to be mine.He only sees me a little sis figure....The other girl stopped speaking to him,and he was confused.He was hurt,he really did like her....I realized even though she was a player,i'd done the right thing at leaving him be.I still like him,not as strong as before but i still do.At martial arts,i had to fight him and he punched me in the chest,he asked me if i was ok.I said i was ok,i told him that "those are the plusses of being flat-chested".He chuckled and then said he didn't want to hurt me.I said he wouldn't....not as much as he already has,not as much as it hurt to know he liked someone else.

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Kari says:
25 Apr, 2017 05:45 PM

Sorry for spamming,Its just your story is so relatable

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