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It's Here It's Gone...


23 Oct, 2016 10:33 PM

[December 10th, three weeks til the winter formal.]

His name was Derek. The bad boy in school. He was always getting into trouble at it kinda made me mad. I mean i was the one who kept the school neat and tidy he was messing everything up. I hated him.

[December 15th, one week til the winter formal.]
I really wanted this guy to ask me to the winter formal. Hes been my friend for awhile. His names Derek. He makes me so happy. I really like him but, I couldn't tell him i did. It would ruin our friendship. So, i was gong to wait it out. I was walking to my locker when Dylan came up next to me. He was so close i felt like he was going to kiss me. "You must be the girl who takes down my graffiti." "Yes and." "Just wanted to see who i was taking to the winter formal." I looked at him with surprised eyes. "Excuse me, you're no taking me anywhere." "Why not." "because you're, bad and i don't date bad boys."Come on. it'll be fun, you'll love it." I didn't want to go, but Dylan already had a date and not going would be dumb. "Fine, pick me up at 8." As i walked away he slammed his fist in the lockers with joy and walked away. Maybe going to the dance with the school's bad boy won't be so bad. Who am i kidding. This won't be good.

[December 23rd, Winter Formal.]
I put my dress on while looking at myself in the mirror. Thinking why the school bad boy chose me to be his date. I mean, why wouldn't he have picked Samantha. Shes the school's slut and bad boys look for girls who don't want to commit and she is that girl. Every guy goes after her. She's like an accident everyone wants to see. I couldn't be that girl. I cant commit either but the reason for mines is way different from hers. After i was bullied, i felt if i let anyone in i would get hurt again and that felt terrible. I didn't want to go through that again. It was about 8:08 and he was late. Of course he was why did i expect anything else. I heard a knock at the door and there he was. With a limo and a tuxedo on. I've never seen him dress like that before it was nice. "You look amazing," He said with astonishment in his eyes. "Not too bad yourself." He laughed. "I think i cleaned up nicely." I smiled. "Okay lets get a picture," My mother said. She took like 12 before we were able to leave the house.

We got to the dance around 9. It was amazing, he acted like such a different person. He danced with me, got me punch, and said amazing things about me that I've never heard from anyone before. I had an amazing time that i would never forget. He brought me home at about 10:30. "I had an amazing time," He said. I smiled. "Me too." He walked up to me slowly. Peering down at me as he slowly lowered his lips onto mine. i don't know why i kissed him back but, i did and it was amazing. We broke from our kiss and he left turning back to smile at me. I came into the house and went upstairs to change. I got into bed and went fast to sleep with a smile still on my face,

[July 6th, after high school.]
It's been about 7 months, and Derek and i have been great. We go to the same college and live together. He works as a waiter and all the employees love him. I never thought the school bad boy would become someone i love. I love him. Wow. Just thinking about it makes me get butterflies. He makes me happy. I found out a few days ago that i'm pregnant. He doesn't know yet. I want it to be a surprise. Even though he might not be thrilled with the idea. I'm going to tell him today when he gets home from work. Better soon then never, am i right? I hear his keys go into the lock and i get up from the couch. He walks in and puts the keys on the hook. "Hey babe," He says with a smile on his face. "Hey, i have to talk to you." I start to play with my fingers, which i do when i get nervous. "Whats up, are u okay?" "Yeah, i'm fine." "What's up?" I look at him with a smile but a very nervous one. "What i'm going to tell you is something really big, and i don't want you to leave me but, i have to tell you." I pause looking at his face. Then i slowly let the words slip through my mouth. "I'm pregnant." He starts to smile and picks me up. "We're going to be parents." "This was no the reaction i was thinking of." He kept smiling and kissing me. "We're going to be parents." I start to smile. "We're going to be parents."

[April 10th, Baby day.]
Today was me and Derek's date night. We haven't had in a while. With his busy schedule and me being really pregnant its been hard. We went to my favorite restaurant, which was Olive Garden. We ordered and it took forever for our food to come. Finally it was here, i was about ready to eat when i found this silver ring in my pasta. "Derek what the heak..." I look away from the plate and find him down on one knee. Everyone starts looking at us with magical smiles. "I know you think i'm just proposing because you're pregnant and that is no the reason. I'm proposing because i want to wake up next to you every morning, i want to be with you every second of every day. You make me want to wake up every morning, and i love you for that. I can't imagine not being with you and i can't imagine our baby without me in it's life. So, Octavia Lavender will you make me the happiest man alive...and marry me? "Yes." Everyone jumps up from their chair and shouts with joy. He places the ring on my finger and kisses me. Suddenly i feel something wet beneath me. I notice my water just broke and i grab Derek's hand. "What's wrong?" "My water just broke." He jumps up and puts me in the car. We drive the nearest hospital and they put me in a wheel chair. It took about 5 hours before i was fully dilated. They take me to the delivery room and i start to push. After a few minutes of pushing, i give birth to a beautiful baby girl. They hand her to me. Looking at her beautiful face made me want to cry. "Arebella...that's her name." Derek looks at me and nods. I then start to lose consciousness. They take her from me and escort Derek out of the room. I think i'm losing blood. I knew i was losing blood. I wanted to hold on to see my baby girl but, i couldn't. I slowly fall asleep. A sleep i know i will never wake up from. I was gone.

[April 15th, Her funeral]
Today was the day i let my wife go. The day i became a single father to my daughter. I'll have to be strong for her. Tell her when she's older that she doesn't have a mother. No dad should have to tell her daughter that. But i have no choice. She's gone.

Tags: Love, Loss, Sadness
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alyssa chapman says:
18 Nov, 2016 03:44 PM

I love this story you have very gifted talent and if you were to publish a book I would be the first one to read it

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Brandon says:
27 Nov, 2016 06:06 AM

I love it too

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Emma says:
29 Nov, 2016 10:10 PM

This is so so so so sad it makes me cry they were so happy and then she does

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ariana says:
12 Dec, 2016 06:04 AM

its a really amazing story and i love the way you kissed her but anyway wait until angel becomes atleast 14 then you xan tell her the bitter trutg

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Petra says:
17 Feb, 2017 07:42 PM

Didn't cry
Didn't feel
Didn't laugh

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