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Best friend break up

maya briant

02 Oct, 2016 06:37 AM

Before I start I just want to say this is 100% true story abou how I lost my best friend.
Summer 2015 was by far the best summer of my life. I was sitting in my room on FaceTime with my friend when I got a follow notification on twitter. A girl named Meghan had followed me, she knew of me but I never heard her name before. The next day I was laying in bed and got a call from my friend asking me to come over, I said yes and there I met Meghan who just followed me on together he night before. That night would change my life forever.

I thought Meghan was weird at first how she was so quite around all of us but never would talk or engage in the stupid shit we would do being only 14 and 15. But as the days went on in the summer I would talk to Meghan more and more learning more about her. She is from Ireland and has the best accent I've heard, and I soon began to love her accent.

Summer was a blast and by far a great one I had made a bunch of new friends who would be going into my highschool including Meghan. My dad had made me run cross country (xc) that year. As much as I fought him on it I agreed to I because there was no Wya out and I needed to stay in shape for basketball season. Meghan was still in Ireland from the summer as she takes a trip every year. My sisters friend on the team had approached me and asked me where Meghan was. Shocked that she knew her I told her I'm Ireland and she replied with "oh I thought she'd be back for practice by now". I began to go crazy being able to spend every day with Meghan even after school was just a dream, the laughter we had during the xc season was unforgettable and the jokes told will always replay in my mind.

Needless to say Meghan and I spent Monday- Sunday with Eachother with Sunday being OUR only break from xc, we chose to spend it hanging out anyway. It was obvious to us an everyone around that we became best friends. We had that friendship that every girl has with her closest friend where people would soon begin to question if you were gay or not. Clearly we weren't, but we still found it amusing people would think that. I wasn't supposed at all she would hold my hand, hug me, and cuddle with me in public and at football games just like we were a couple.

Days with Meghan went by and without a doubt I felt on top of the world. With being not the prettiest girl in the world I resorted to being the funny one. I was a major tomboy but loved by all of Naperville because of my jokes, Meghan on the other hand was loved because of her looks. They say opposites attract and Meghan and I proved that all too well. Soon I introduced Meghan to my other group of friends and we all hug out every weekend. We were both in love with eachother texting every second of the day without a break, and the days Meghan wasn't free you would find me in my bed.

About 5 months went by when a incident with Meghan and I happened. In a group chat with a bunch of my friends, a kid named Michael took Meghan's phone and texting me all kinds of racial slurs like "nigger" and "lynching". I knew it was him and thought nothing of it while my parents on the other hand took it all to serious and would not listen to me. They took my phone for months and made me stop seeing Meghan. I was crushed and depressed the thought of not being with her was just not real. I had no way of contacting Meghan but was not letting this get in my way, so I simply would get on a computer and DM her off of Twitter when ever I had the chance.

Meghan and I talked in our free time both clearly upset about this whole situation and embarrassed. I told her I loved her and she did the same. I told her I was willing to wait as long as possible and this wasn't going to change anything.....I promised that and she promised me the same.

This went on for about a month untill it happened. She replaced me with the friends I gave her. We stopped talking and where we would it was always short conversations. I would see them out at the same places we would go just happy. I couldn't let go of Meghan that easy so I would still try to talk but she had better things to do obviously. I was so fucked up. I couldn't walke up without balling my eyes out and feeling empty. Meghan litearlly broke my heart and shattered me to pieces. The next days at school were painful. Walking past eachother like

We didn't even know eachother with no hello.

March rolled by and my friend Maddie had a party. Not living far from Maddie, Meghan and her friends showed up. Being high school students still I was drinking em and evaded up getting super fucked that night. Meghan took advantage of the moment being sober came by me and sat with me the whole night holding my hand. Next morning I rembered nothing but revived a text from her telling me she loved me and was sorry. I smile too wide grew on my face.

Nothing changed after that things were still awkward. We were like a light switch.... on the off on then off. Meghan had fucked me up from November-June.

Summer came and I convinced my self I was over. Meghan and had the best summer ever, But every morning I wake up she was all I would think of.

This year August 30 2016 I moved away to Allentown PA. I still miss all my friends back home and cry every night for them. Meghan and I did not talk for 8 months straight untill the day I left. She texted me goodbye and she would truly miss me.

Meghan is that one person who no matter what I will always be there. I'll always love her and everything I've ever said to her I will take to my grave. I meant everything about loving her and to this day I am still in love with Meghan.

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anurag says:
02 Nov, 2016 03:31 PM

keep o

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anurag says:
02 Nov, 2016 03:32 PM

keep on going

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prem kori says:
10 Nov, 2016 05:06 AM


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mohd saad says:
29 Jan, 2017 04:56 AM

Sucha a nice story

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??? says:
21 May, 2017 02:50 PM

Omg thus is a really sad and good storie! Plz make more u are very good writer/story teller!

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Someone says:
07 Jun, 2017 06:40 PM

Please look over it when you put it on line bc i didnt understand some parts of it because of grammer or typos

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xigorx says:
07 Apr, 2018 04:41 AM

a very bad writing skill... i hate reading it.. but, i finished the whole thing though..

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