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Lost a sister


06 Apr, 2015 05:36 PM

This is a true story about two girls who were more like sisters than best friends... but that friendship slowly died. The names of the girls in this story will be changed because of identity safety.

Ariel and I were best friends since we were little. We were more like sisters than best friends our moms used to say. I remember the day she changed completely... It my first day of 8th grade and I was excited to see my friends I haven't seen over the summer, especially Ariel. When I walked into the classroom, I saw all my friends and we talked about our summer. I was looking for Ariel through the crowd until I saw her head. I pushed through the crowd and there she was. At first I was shocked to see her because she was chubby, had acne all over her face, and she had braces. I said hi to her but all she did was smirk at me. I let it slide and went through the day catching up with my friends. The next two weeks of school was quiet; I tried to talk to her but she just ignored me so I decided to ask my mom because her mom and my are pretty close. She told me nothing was wrong so I just let it go. I was talking to my best guy friend, Pedro, who I met over the summer, and we were making jokes and just having fun until he sent me an inappropriate picture. I thought it was funny so I ignored it, then my parents saw it and talked to Ariel's parents. The next day, she avoided me all day and I asked my friends why she's acting like this, and they told me to ask her myself so I did.

I texted her and asked what was wrong, and she said I always put her into my problems and that I'm always getting her in trouble. I didn't know what she was talking about and she told me my mom told her mom about what Pedro did and that she was involved. I didn't know my mom did that so I told her I'm sorry but she didn't accept it and she kept going on and on about how her life is already fucked up and etc. then she I was supposed to be her best friend and then I said I am her best friend then she said I wasn't anymore.. that I was her enemy. When she said that, I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces and I just lost it. I said that I hated her, that she can hate me all she wants, that I didn't care. The next day, I heard her tell everyone about our fight, and then everyone started to ignore me. For the next 4 months I kept to myself, I stopped talking to my friends, I didn't smile ,I tried to commit suicide all the time but was to hurt to finsh. One day after gym, I saw that Ariel was really red and she didn't have any water, so I decided to give her mine. After that small kind gesture, she tried talking to me, but I just pushed her away. It was the end of the day and we had music class, my favorite class because everyone in my class knew I could sing. We were singing umbrella by rihanna and everyone was murmuring the words but I sang the whole song loud enough for my music teacher to stop playing it on the piano and made me sing in front of everyone. I was nervous and stared shaking.

Then my music teacher asked everyone if I could sing and everyone stared to shout yes and heck yea, and one of those people were Ariel. A couple of months later, she began ignoring me more so I gave up trying to be her friend. Then we all graduated and went our separate ways. Over the summer I went to Heads UP, a NJROTC program(A military summer program) for 3 weeks. I made a lot of great friends and even befriended my now best friends Sam and Dani(their girls). We were in the middle of learning about the government when we had to go to a assembly for incoming freshmen. So the five of us walked together to the gym with the NJROTC people in charge escorted us in with their rifles and uniforms. I felt really confident walking with them and my friends because it gives me hope. The heads up program really paid off because I'm really fit(I was always skinny but not as physically strong) and I have a good shape. The five of us were talking waiting to be seated when I saw Ariel. She looked shy and lonely, but when she saw me, she was shocked and she kept staring at me but I kept my attention on my best friends. Then I saw Pedro and he walked up to me and gave me a big hug and we all walked in together then Ariel put her hand my face and I just starred at her with hate.

Until this day I still see her, she looks the same, but she never changed her ways. The friends she had in 8th grade who always hung out with her ignore her, talk about how she's immature and bossy. They all talk to me now and hang out with me. But everyday I still miss her; her smile, her hugs, her comforting.

I will never forget the day I lost my sister

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regine says:
11 Apr, 2015 05:10 AM

its feels really sad knowing that the person whom you really consider to be best friend, just ignored you and suddenly you two become stranger..but tiana i guess she has reason we myt not know it but ders always a reasong for everything..i hope you two will be okay.maybe not now but sooner.lets just pray :d

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Chain Reaction says:
24 Apr, 2015 12:56 AM

The whole story was very moving, especially the very last sentence, it hit me in the feels. Great story!

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fudia kamara says:
27 Apr, 2015 11:29 PM

Hey babe girl u r right never forget u bestfriend.but thank god u move on so quickly dont mind her she is not the only one.good luck.

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