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Name: Chain Reaction
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About Me: There's not really much to me. I'm 14 years young, but my maturity is very high, and my experience is incredibly heartbreaking. Uhm, I have anxiety and depression. :( I'm kinda fucked up in the head, but I have a really old soul... I'm a very deep thinker and at times I say things that sound rather insightful. I don't judge anyone for things they can't control; their weight, religion, race, etc. I fully support LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) and I will fully defend and support them at any chance I get. My religion? I don't know. I grew up as christian and I was baptized. But I was kinda forced onto a religion that my parents didn't even follow/obey, so that gave me some major trust issues for religion and god and whatnot. I was a straight atheist for about 6 months and I kinda starting believing in a higher power, but idk. Whatever happens, happens. Now, don't think I'm some kind of attention whore, but yes, I suffer from self harm. It's a very difficult addiction to overcome and I am battling it alone, so please pray or whatevs. I've been clean on and off for almost a month, but somehow given in. :'( Now, if you have any empathy/sympathy, I don't want it, trust me. I get enough of that from my shrink. lol and uhm.. yeah I think that's it.. Oh and no, I do not live with my parents. I got put in foster care on 9/7/14 and had to start school the day after with nothing but the clothes on my back. Fucked up, huh? My mother is battling drug addiction and my dad isn't always there for me. It whatevs tho. cx I consider myself emo-ish but I don't like to give in to stereotypes. I like Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the Veil, and Twenty-One Pilots. <3 <3 Don't talk to me about BOTDF, Dahvie is a rapist. :( or BVB, they are blahhhh. Not to bash anyone's fandom but hey, we all have our opinions. But yeah... Sorry for like, basically the novel but eh. I'm tired of typing. So byezzz.
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The whole story was very moving, especially the very last sentence, it hit me in the feels. Great story!
... Oh my god.. this is horrible.. :'(


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