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Reality is better than a Dream


27 Mar, 2015 07:19 AM

I apologize that this story is little long. Its my second story in this beautiful website. I hope you guys spend some generous time in reading this.
Things were not going good in office lately… Meeting targets in the given time frame is hideous. On a not so fine Wednesday me and my colleague sandy decided to take a small break and stepped out of office at 10.30am… The coffee shop across the street is famous for its taste and quality along with its ambience which attracts mainly couples. Sandy barged in the door like he was about to knock out everyone inside for no reason, which obviously lead the people inside to goggle at us. We were the only two, accompanied each other with the same gender. Many of you boys know how awkward it is to hang out with a guy in a place where its pouring with love birds. The place was filled with young couples and their lovely chirpings. But with the pressure and tension we had inside, made us not to give a damn.

Ordering two hot cappuccinos, we sat at the corner table. While we both were arguing about the problems in our office, the glass door opened, entered two girls along with an angel. I’d say an angel because she made me forget everything for a second. All my worries about work vanished. To be frank, sandy was talking to a dead guy at that moment…

Those three sat in a table parallel to ours. I couldn’t take my eyes off her even for a second. Sandy noticed that I am not in this world, started yelling. His words faded in my ears as she turned my side to check what was that yelling about. I apologized to him and said “She might be the one for me”. “Who...?” he asked. “The one in cream color salwar”, I replied. “Yeah, she might suit you. But we got other important things to discuss now. Could you concentrate here..?” he asked annoyingly. With regret, I said yes. But I couldn’t stop looking at her sharp brown eyes and soft long hair which she often tucks behind the ear with her fingers. Minutes passed by. She glimpsed at me for a second. I couldn’t believe my luck. I laid my palm over my cheek and turned my head towards her. I was staring like a kid stare at chocolates. She caught me staring and turned her head away with a smile on her face. I couldn’t wait anymore to talk. Just before the second, sandy paid the bill and dragged me out. Walking 5,6 steps out of the shop, I told him “I want to talk to her. Get to know about her. I don’t want to lose her.” He laughed and said “Don’t be silly dude. We already got so many problems. Don’t get involved in one of the worst…!”

I didn’t care about his words. I turned and walked towards the coffee shop. To my surprise those three came outside. While I stood still, she crossed me by looking at the corner of her eyes. Within a couple of seconds I called her...

Boy : Excuse me
Girl : *turned her head slowly and said* Yeah. *like she was already expecting my words*
Boy : Hi. I am sorry….
Girl : Sorry…? That’s a peculiar name..!
Boy : No no.. I mean, I am sorry for stalking you.. Btw, I am Dinny.
Girl : Oh..! I never know you were stalking…! It’s okay.. I am A**y.
Boy : Hmmm, that’s a nice name.. You come here often..?? Girl : Not often. Just in times like a get-together with friends. Why?
Boy : Nothing. Would you mind if I steal your precious time for a while..??
Girl : *with a smile* It depends on how you planning on stealing it…

With a blush on my face, I continued my conversation with her for the next 20mins. She told her friends that she would go home directly and not to wait for her. They stood there and stared at her in anger, since she is hanging out with an unknown guy. But she knew something. She knew that I am not a stranger at all. They say this love is blind. She hardly met me. Within minutes she started trusting me. Maybe its blind for her. But for me it’s both deaf and dumb. I couldn’t talk or hear anything other than staring at her beautiful face. I just wanted to hold her hand and walk with a smile on my face. I forgot all my sorrows and worries. Even forgot a person named sandy whom I came with. Guessing myself that he would’ve left already, I continued my chat with her. ‘I don’t care if I lose my job for this moment’, I thought.

After a while I initiated the topic LOVE.
Boy : Have you ever fallen in love…??
Girl : Well, that’s a stupid question..! How could I not..? Please don’t think that you’re talking to an alien. I am just a human being. *she replied with a giggle*
Boy : *now my heart pumped faster* Hmmm, so you guys are still in love..?
Girl : No no. We broke up a year before. He is not worth it.
Boy : *with a great relief, I asked* Would you mind sharing it..??
Girl : No, I don’t mind. He is my senior. Looks good. Proposed me on an annual day celebration. I was carried away. Accepted his proposal.
Boy : Oh great..! *said with a grin on my face*
Girl : *in anger* If you wanna hear the rest of the story, then stop annoying me. Boy : Heheheee… Sorry….. *I behaved like a kid. But I don’t care. I am just happy that she is single*
Girl : We both spent time together. He picks and drops me in college. I felt really good when he was around. But he wanted more. More than just ‘love’. I shouldn’t be saying he ‘misbehaved’, but he did. I shouted at him in public and went home crying. He tried to apologize. But I ignored him. It did hurt at first, but I moved on. Seems I never loved him from my heart. Or else I wouldn’t have felt bad by his touch. Now I don’t even care about him.
Boy : So you still believe in love, or just fed up of it..??
Girl : If I find the right guy, then I will. That guy should care about me. Protect me from any harm. Should love me more than he loves himself. I am not expecting anything. Let fate decide. But I don’t want it now.

Boy : Don’t you have a feeling that your dream guy is so close to you..??
Girl : Really..?? Where??? I don’t see him…!! *giggled*
Boy : A**y let me be straight with you now. I never felt anything like this before.
Girl : Dinny what are you trying to say…?? Please don’t make me regret this conversation.
Boy : yeah you girls never like it when boys speak frankly.
Girl : Seems you know a lot about girls..!
Boy : Who doesn’t? It’s in girl’s nature. That’s why said. Btw, I don’t know a ‘lot’ about girls.
Girl : It’s in girl’s nature..?? Dont criticize girls if you dont know about them. Dinny I never thought you’ll be like this. Don’t ever talk to me anymore. I swear I thought you’re different.
Boy : Do you think flirting with girls is my job..??
Girl : I don’t know what’s your job and all. I don’t want to know anything about you. I don’t care.
Boy : Well, you should be.
Girl : Why should I..??
Boy : Because I love you.

Girl : *she was speechless*
Boy : A**y, let’s stop fighting like kids now. I love you from the core of my heart.
Girl : Dinny we just met..! We hardly know each other. This might be just an attraction.
Boy : Just an attraction..?? You feel this is just an attraction a**y..?? You know I am into you already. If you’ve never felt anything then you wouldn’t have talked to me in the first place. Please stop pretending now.
Girl : why do you want to hurt me dinny..?? I don’t want this ‘love’ now.
Boy : I am not compelling you a**y. You think I would hurt you..?? Really..? Just tell me whether you felt something for me or not.
Girl : *stood still without uttering a word*
Boy : *realizing I screwed up, I said* I am sorry. I am such an idiot to impose something like this. *with regret and sorrow, I told* It’s getting late. Will drop you in your home, if that’s okay with you.
Girl : *when he started walking 2steps forward, she said* Dinny, I felt the same when I saw you staring at me in the café. I feel like I know you for years. What’s wrong with us dinny…?? I feel strange.
Boy : *now she made me speechless.*

My face turned pale and her eyes were flooded with tears.

I went near her and wiped those tears from her sharp brown killer eyes. We talked a lot. Also we shared a lot in common. She told me about her past. Like everything. She said things which make her feel alive and things she hate most. In fact she revealed her secrets with me.

I couldn’t believe that the girl I loved on my first sight is sharing everything about her. That too, on the very first day. In return she asked me whether there is anything special about me. How could I possibly lie at that moment? I was like an open book. Told her everything about me. It was moreover like a confession than just sharing.

I never believed in past lives and stuffs. But she made me believe in those. I just asked her one thing after that. “Where were you all these years in my life…??” she said “I must be waiting for you to come and get me”. I hugged her then and there. This love is sure crazy..!

After moments of tears, we both walked towards the café to have a coffee together for the very first time. I was holding her hand while walking down the streets. Her palm was so soft and warm. We were talking about our future plans. This must be either most wonderful or stupidest love story ever. We both just met and now we are discussing about our future.

While walking, she saw a flower shop across the street and wanted to buy some roses. She told me that she would catch up with me in a moment. She crossed the road and bought some yellow colored roses. While returning back two of those roses dropped on the road, which she bend down to pick it up. We heard a sound horn of a speeding car coming down the road. She stumbled and fell down the road due to her long heel. She gave me a perplexed look with a little smile on her face. I ran towards her in shock, but I was too late. The car rammed her and she was lying in a pool of blood. Her eyes filled with blood and tears stared at me. Her last words said “You deserve this”.

All of a sudden, I woke up shouting her name. Realized it was just a dream. My body felt like I was being locked in an oven. My breath was never been heavier. The room was filled with the white ambience as usual. My dog licked my face as I woke up. I got down from the bed and went to the next room where I found my grandma knitting a sweater for me.

That day A**y did crossed the street and bought flowers. She did stumble in the middle of the road. We did hear the sound horn of a speeding car coming down the road. But I rushed towards her, pushed her to the side. I couldn’t dodge. That speeding car rammed me and thrown away. A hard bang on my head is what I remember.

I could still feel the warmth of her soft palm. I could still see those brown eyes gazing at me while walking down the street. I still remember myself thinking, that I would even die just to keep her safe. Finally I did. I didn’t care about my life, but cared about my love.

My grandma was dead when I was in my 6th grade and my dog was dead just a year before. I went near my grandma and laid my head on her lap with tears in my eyes. She asked me “what’s wrong?”

I told her I had a worst nightmare.

"Its better to die with pride rather than dying in vain with regrets." -Dinny

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lena says:
05 Apr, 2015 11:23 PM

i liked ur story

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DinnyPD says:
11 Apr, 2015 02:11 PM

@lena - Thank you.. :)

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Kim says:
07 May, 2015 03:07 AM

It was nice

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Olivia says:
07 May, 2015 03:11 AM

I was a vary good story:)

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DinnyPD says:
10 May, 2015 10:52 PM

Thankyou.. :)

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Delano says:
09 Sep, 2015 03:36 AM

Damn your story was great.

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Raymond says:
05 Sep, 2016 12:50 PM

It's such a nice story i expected

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