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All I have known


27 Aug, 2010 04:23 AM

I am a 13 years old young boy, from Iligan city, Philippines, here is some story about me from the past...

When I was still in grade 3, I have been started to be matured, so slightly, I already know what is good and what is bad. Everything was good when I was in grade 3.My grandmother is a government worker in the city, but in our place, it takes 1 hour travel before we can go to the city. And in our place, there was a bar, and we passed the bar before we can proceed to our house. One time my grandmother go home from work, then she saw my father in the bar with 2 girls. But my grandmother didn't told us on that time. Then few months past, my grandmother saw again my father for the 2nd time, but my grandmother is still giving him one last chance. After few minutes, there was a trouble in our house, i thought it was just misunderstanding with each other. But few hours past, my father go out from the house. It was an accident that my father didn't know that I was just following him. I saw my father going to the bar and calling one girl.

I feel discourage with my father on that time because I didn't expected that he was that kind of man. All I have known about him is a lovable and good father. But when I saw him in the bar with the girl, I wanna cry but I can't because that girl was the mother of my best friend. Few days, i told my mother all about the things that I have discover about my father. My mother can't express her feelings because even her is doing what my father did. Few weeks past me and my friend went to the mall to buy some materials for our project, i saw my mother and the mall worker dating. On that time I was not crying and I'm still hoping that I can right what my parents mistakes.

When I graduated in grade 6, I graduated as an honor student. I expected that my parents will come on that day. I was very excited waiting for them in the auditorium where our graduation held. I was very excited to receive some surprises from them. My bestfriend's mom came. I ask her where are my parents. She answered me that there was an accident happened and your parents was dead. I couldn't hear the word I LOVE YOU from them. All I have known that they will be with me forever.

I am now in 2nd year high school. Still strong, still facing all the trials, and still going to my journey..

Tags: Cheat, Love, Parents, Death
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Love says:
01 Sep, 2010 01:03 PM

Oh my gosh, I nearly cried when I heard that story. I'm so sorry!n-Hugs you-

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mymai says:
02 Sep, 2010 12:05 AM

ang sakit...

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Amber Davis says:
02 Sep, 2010 07:56 PM

Aww This story is soo sad i feel for you.! I hope you have good in you and your parents are in a betteer place.! Your always uin my mind.

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Hazel Diane says:
04 Sep, 2010 12:38 AM

Wui..Pilipino rin ako...Mabuti nmn di ka sumusuko sa buhay mo...Kya mo iyan...Tinutulungan ka ng Panginoong Diyos...Bxtah...tibayin mo lamang ang iyong pananampalataya ha...God will provide anything for His Children...God Loves You...Remember that,..:)

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