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LOVE at Modern Times


27 Feb, 2015 04:24 PM

The names are hidden for some privacy reasons.. "Di***h" -The Boy, "Ar***a" -The Girl.


There lived a boy in India, who was jobless and wanted to get in a government job… Though he prepared well, he couldn’t clear any of the government exams. One year passed. He realized that he couldn’t compete
with the North Indian aspirants, since they are very much aware of these government exams and also
well trained accordingly…. In order to increase his competence level, he created an account in an online forum. He was very much determined and started to use the forum to his best.

Days passed by… He found himself in a position where his competence level is way higher than his previous one. He realized that this forum would surely help him in getting a grade/scale- 1 government job. But he never thought it’ll also get him the love of his life. On a very normal day, there was some post regarding bank officer exam's “précis writing”. As usual he joined the conversation which was already going on. There he found out one girl explaining how to tackle précis writing in exams. He noticed that she is damn good in English and was way too experienced in these descriptive exams. The Best/Worst thing he did is replying something converse to her comment, and sending her a private text. IT ALL STARTED FROM THERE… It took hardly two days for them, to madly fall in love with each other. After time their mind grew to become a single one. The worst thing about their love story is the distance. The girl lived in Kanpur UP, and the boy lived in Coimbatore, TN.

They always need each other for almost everything. And they would make each other feel so much better. The love made them feel like they don’t want anything/anyone in this world except each other in their arms.
Both of them had a troubled life. But they always had each other. They always talk about meeting their meeting. Thinking about how their first day of meet would be. The guy always rehearses himself about meeting her in the Lucknow airport along with her parents. He always makes his girl blush by telling her, how he’ll greet her parents in the airport. What he’ll do after meeting the love of his life for the first time. This is the overview of their conversation.

BOY: I really want to meet you.. NOW.. GIRL: Dumbo I want to meet you too.. I want to hug u now and cry my eyes out... BOY: All we have to do is to get INDEPENDENT. Then I am sure everything falls in place.. GIRL: I too know that. But I cant even concentrate on anything now. I always think about you. All the time. U’re eating my head Di***h... BOY: U do the same for me. I have an Exam to clear. Bank Specialist Officer. I am sure I’ll clear it.. u just stay with me yaar. U’re my shooting star Ar***a. Once I clear this, then I am coming to Kanpur asap. I’ll hug you in the airport and kiss you so madly which will leave a mark. I am sorry for that. But that’s going to happen for sure... GIRL: *In tears* Ok dumbo. This is the deal. U’re clearing something and meeting me in the airport before my 22nd birthday... BOY: OK DONE..

Months passed by…. They both have to face hell meanwhile. Her grandfather died which pushed her to the extreme. She literally wanted no one in her life. She hated everyone. Knowing she gained nothing rather than pain in this love story, she decided to leave him. But the heart wants what it wants. Meanwhile the boy fought with everyone in his family for his love. He struggled real hard to get her out of his head so that he could concentrate on his exams. He somewhat concentrated on his exams, but could never get her out of his head. Though they don’t want to talk to each other, they passed some text in Gmail whenever possible, whenever they feel like dying. After a while, the guy cleared Bank Probationary Officer as promised. He called his girl and without any surprise she attended his call.. With so much happiness he told the girl that he cleared the exam and he’s way too independent now than before. All he wanted to know is whether she still loves him. Whether she want to meet him...

BOY: *with a reluctance voice* Finally I secured my career yaar.. Hmmm.. u really.. u really want to..hmmm.. u know… GIRL: *interrupts him* Di***h I’ve been counting each and every second for this day. Don’t make me wait anymore. *started crying*.. BOY: *with tears* Ar***a, as I promised I am sending u the best mail for your life. Check ur Gmail after 2mins. *hangs up*

The girl knows what that mail would be. As they’ve been talking about this for months, she logged in her account the next sec and keep on refreshing her inbox. Within 2mins she got the mail from him. It was the Flight ticket from Coimbatore to Kanpur dated on 2nd august 2015. She kissed her laptop screen with joy and tears filled in her eyes. The boy meanwhile prepares himself for the meeting. Buying new cloths, hitting gym extra time, tuning him to look BEST. He even bought a cute teddy bear which holds a small wooden box which contains platinum ring engraved “Forever and Ever”. As a surprise gift to the girl. He already presented her a big teddy bear months before, which she named it "Dinny". He delivered that via courier service.

On august 1st, the boy called her nearly 50 times and they keep on talking about the next day. They keep on rehearsing themselves. The girl was so confident that her parents will love him on the very first day. But the boy was really worried since her parents don’t have a single good opinion about him expect their daughter is madly in love with him. In excitement, they both didn’t sleep at that night.

The next day…

The boy sent the girl a text before boarding the flight in Coimbatore. “This is it.. this is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Just 7more hrs.. We’ll be in each other’s arms”.. The girl replied “dumbo u come fast. I cant even wait for a minute now. We’ll start from home after 2hrs. See u soon. FOR REAL. I Love you”
She reached airport before an hour. The boy’s plane was due to arrive and the breaking news flashed in the airport.. THE PLANE FROM COIMBATORE TO KANPUR HAS CRASHED... ALL ABOARD REPORTED DEAD...
The girl stumbled and fainted the next minute. Her parents confirmed the authorities and found out that the guy is dead. The boy’s body was fully burnt along with the teddy which holds the ring.

She went home. Didn’t cry a bit. Switched on her laptop. Saw the guy’s pics. Each and every one of them. Took a knife. Slit herself in the wrist. She was found dead in her bedroom when her parents barged in the door. She was lying dead hugging the teddy "Dinny" which he already gifted her months before. Along with that her parents found a piece of paper which she was holding... It stated "OUR LOVE IS TOO LATE"
The boy’s parents were clearing out his room. They found his diary. Inside that they found the picture of the girl with a cute smile, hugging Dinny... Behind the pic his words stated “I WILL SEE HER… EVEN IF IT KILLS ME…”


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Bhupendra says:
17 Mar, 2015 10:41 AM

nice story true love never end after the death.........

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DinnyPD says:
18 Mar, 2015 02:44 PM

Thanks bhai.. You're right.. It never ends...

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DinnyPD says:
19 Mar, 2015 01:13 AM

@bhupendra - Thanks bhai.. You're right.. It never ends...

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Tapple says:
24 Mar, 2015 03:51 AM

Like a Romeo and Juliet :')

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DinnyPD says:
25 Mar, 2015 02:31 PM

@tapple- Thanks a lot. Basic rule of love is to hurt.

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fudia kamara says:
25 Apr, 2015 01:13 AM

Hey ur story really touch my soul .really love never is all about happie.ness u will met in heaven.everlasting loveu

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DinnyPD says:
26 Apr, 2015 03:52 PM

@fudia kamara- Thanks.. Its us who dies.. Not the love...

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Kenzie says:
05 May, 2015 03:29 AM

That really touched my heart I will never look at true love in the same way ever again.

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