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where is dad...


14 Nov, 2014 08:07 AM

A young girl grew up without a father. She smiled happily every day, but inside she was dying. Everywhere she looked, there was a happy, full family. A baby, mom, and dad. It was complete. They were happy. But not in her world. There was only her and her mom.

At school, they would have father-daughter dances. The girl would always stay home. Her mom always told her that she was her "mom and dad."

Eventually, she got curious. She wanted to know who her dad was. She walked up to her mom in her room and shifted nervously. "Mom?" The little girl asked.

Of course the mother looked up. "Yes baby?"

"Where's my dad?" The mother's eyes widened, before they started to tear up. The little girl was eight by this time. It scarred her.

That night, when the girl laid in her mom's bed, and tried her best to keep in her small little sniffles to herself. She wanted to know, but she didn't want to make her mom cry anymore. She just wanted that empty feeling gone from her heart.

A year later, her and her mom go to Michigan to visit family. They go to an uncle's store, and visit the mother's boyfriend. He barely gave the girl a side glance, as he leaned into the mother's car and kissed the mother. The girl just turns away, feeling left out of the family yet again. She often felt as though she must've been adopted. They stay over her aunts house, but the mom leaves the girl there and the mom goes drinking with her boyfriend. She doesn't get back until near the morning.

A few months have passed, the girl is now getting closer to the age of 10. Her and her mom go out to the small little pondish lake they had near their house to feed the Ducks. She smiled softly as she held her mom's hand tightly. Then big news came. Her mother was pregnant. She was happy, until she wondered who the babies daddy was.

Years have passed since then, and the little girl is now a teenager, at age thirteen. She has a little sister and she has grown quite a bit. She is still that half complete girl. Even though she plays it off. She cries herself to sleep sometimes, wondering if it would be better just to kill herself. She tried to remember when it wasn't hard to not worry about who looked at her, who liked her... she constantly found awkward because she felt fat, or useless. She always felt uncomfortable.

The summer she turned thirteen, her and her mom, and sister went out to visit her little sister's dad, and her mom's boyfriend. She hated every minute of it. Her mother was much more mean, and constantly snapping at the two children everytime the man was around. The girl hated him. He was always taking the book she was reading away from her, he was always kissing the girls mother. She hated it. Once, he smacked the girls mom's butt right in front of her.

When she went back to school in the fall, she was constantly forgetting things. Her mother always got after her. The girl found a little chat that she would go on. She grew to like someone on there and she thought he liked her back. They dated for a bit, and she sent him a picture of herself. He deleted his chat account after. She grew angry, and sent him a hateful message. She thought he hated the way she looked. But he didn't. He broke up with her after, because of the message. She tried to get him to take her back, but she couldn't. Then he sent her friend from the chat something about never liking the girl, but instead the friend. She was heartbroken. She should have known. She should've known no one would ever like her. She honestly believed that she was no good. That night, she wrote death letters to all get friends and family, telling then how much she loved them, and how she thought this was for the best. Later, when everyone was sleeping, the girl drank bleach. She died later, hugging tightly to a giraffe her mother bought her.

//this is but a story, though I added mostly stuff that happened. Like the parts of family were true.//

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Veronica Sanchez says:
23 Nov, 2014 10:16 PM


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bandile says:
27 Nov, 2014 07:50 AM

this is sad

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Syed wasi says:
30 Nov, 2014 07:53 PM

Its an sad story :'(
For every child they parents are very important :-(

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Aaniyah says:
06 Dec, 2014 06:55 PM

That is so sad I can't believe they treat her like that????????????

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Madeline says:
07 Dec, 2014 08:23 AM

This is so sad :'( Yes. parents are very important, for girls, especially mothers. Most girl need guidance while entering womanhood. It's really depressing that some kids don't have caring parents. It's also depressing that some kids are ungrateful for what they already have, but they don't realize that they have a lot more than some other kids. :'( But Keep Writing! And stay strong <3 ~Madeline

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megan says:
29 Dec, 2014 12:05 AM

This is my story just change the father to mother right after I read this I went to the bathroom and cryed I went to the bathroom cause I can't cry in front of my dad he yells at me for it I cry myself to sleep every night wondering where my mom is she left 4 years ago and had my sis the day before I left my dads girlfriend hates me I'm scared of both of them and dontknow what to do I've thought of killing my self so many times and I've written so many death letters but I won't do won't just for my little brother I just don't know how to feel

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Lacie says:
13 Jan, 2015 04:11 AM

People should be grateful for having either of their parents. I don't have either and if I could do anything to have either one of them I grateful not hateful..

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shilpi saha says:
20 Jan, 2015 07:21 PM

Soo sad.... careless mother..

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mia says:
20 Jan, 2015 10:58 PM

Thank you all for writing a comment on this, I never thought I'd get any attention to this story. I'm really, really, thankful. As I put in the text, this story is all real, but the ending. After all, if the ending was real, then, I wouldn't be here now. And yes, this story is about me... Thank you again for the amazing reviews.

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