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Love at first sight!!


28 Sep, 2014 10:35 AM

In the whirlwind of mind-blogging activities, I frenzied in the library in quick steps. I didn't even look hither and thither, just stormed inside to acquire the necessary material for my college assignment. As soon as I stepped in, I rushed in so quickly that I didn't even realize that the door got slammed harshly; the sound exceeded the room. Each and every living soul positioned their heads at me from different angles."Ummm......I'm sorry for disrupting the silent vibe." All the heads swirled back in unison. Yet, only a particular head unaltered his head position. I saw a vicious smile on his face. On a closer look, he wore a red tie on his collar and a snap back hat."What an unlikely combination!" I wondered. His eyes stared into mine, it felt surreal because we kept staring for almost ten seconds. Eyes met; time started ticking; something was bound to happen or will it be a mere temporary new found interest.

The next day, my so-called new crush was nowhere to be seen. I flipped through the pages of a literature book called "Hamlet". Even though the book had a series of the rise and fall of the heroes, my attention got dismantled. I was pondering over the possibility of seeing him today. I pushed my chair behind and moved towards the "Romantic novels" section. Since, the books were far beyond my reach and I used the wooden ladder. While climbing up a few steps, I slipped and a few handful of books also landed on the floor. After stabilizing myself, I got up in a hurry. A tall figure stood before me, winked. I squinted my eyes in disbelief, my heartbeat racing faster and faster. Before I could utter a word, he said."I'll help you." He reassembled the books in array and placed it on the shelf. What a gentleman! I thought. "Thank you!"I curved my lips with a wide smile.

"Your most welcome! By the way, are you from here?" He spoke softly.

"Yes,I'm from here only. I've been seeing you around lately. Guess you are new to this place, aren't you?" I nervously looked at him.

"Well, yeah. I am liking this place but hardly enjoying these days as some people are attuned to making a mess around."

I held my head low, feeling bit embarrassed about the earlier incident. "Sometimes, you get too busy that you don't realize the fact that the people are raising their fingers at you."

"Is that so?" He digested my words.

"A bitter truth." I found solace after shooting the exact words.

"It seems that you're talking about yourself." He transfixed his eyes at me without blinking.

"Heheh! Maybe in a way. But that's the underlying reality of today's age."

"Ok! Let's talk about something else. Why don't we grab a cup of coffee after the class, what say?" He said.

"Sure. That would be nice."

The class ended so quickly that I couldn't believe my eyes that I was sitting in CCD(cafe Coffee Day) in the nearby market. A rare view; lovebirds irrespective of all ages coming under one roof; whiling away the time.

"Hello! My friend. How long have you been waiting?" He looked at me with intense eyes.

"Not so long.....probably five minutes ago." I could feel the jitters sinking in.

Then, we started chatting for an hour and covered most of the topics including studies, career, so on and so forth. In a series of conversations, he abruptly asked me. "What's your take on love?"

I didn't even know what to say. I paused and blurted."Love is something understated even today. Even though we love our parents, friends and lovers but we still have the nerve to let them go astray when we feel weakened by their presence or when our opinions differ. Love doesn't seem to hold it's grip for so long and the ties break in various directions."

"Huhh! Why are you so pessimistic?" He ordered another cup of coffee to let the conversation flow.

"I know. I do sound like one of them but I'm not. It's because life teaches us lessons and you become apprised of every little thing so much so that you feel scared to hold a thread of relationship of all sorts."

"You know what......Life gives lessons to lessen our problems in future but not to feel more negative towards any growing friendship. It's like a dress rehearsal.Are you going to slip away the chances of gaining a stable relationship by simply avoiding it?" His words came out as a bullet.

"Pragmatically, you are right. However, I have had a share of obstacles and it never seems to fade away." I almost had tears in my eyes and controlled my sentiment.

"We all have our own problems but that doesn't mean we will stop loving our loved ones or break the ties with others on the basis of presumptuous beliefs. C'mn! We need to look at the brighter side." He sounded like a preacher, preaching those Godly sermons.

"OK! I'll try." I smiled a bit.

"By the way, do you believe in love at first sight?" He asked in curious tone.

"Ummmm.....not really. I guess some people do fall and some don't."

"Can I confide something to you."

"Yeah, sure." I gushed over his words.

"I've fallen in love with you at first sight. Even before the library scene, I've always seen you wrapped around books and not even sharing a word with your mates. From that time, I knew that there might be something odd happening in your life. I wanted to talk with you for a long haul but I always got cold feet while seeing your 'don't come to me' face from a distance."

"What? Are you kidding me?" I asked in a distressed tone.

"No, I'm serious. I really like you and I do think that I've fallen in love with you." He spoke so earnestly that I, for a second, believed it.

Regaining my consciousness, I verbalized."I can't, I'm sorry."

"Listen, I know that you don't believe in such things. But please think over it."

"I've to go." I stood up; felt uneasy and absurd. While scurrying down the market lane, I talked to myself. "How can he possibly articulate his feelings after chatting for an hour. We talked for the first time but have seen each other on previous occasions. I can't believe that it just happened in the blink of an eye.The twinkling night clouded my thoughts with confusion. I didn't know how to react but I felt bit attracted towards him. An infatuation but love........way too fast. I thought that I should say something to him; console him or give more time to think.

The next day turned into more days, days into weeks and still I didn't see him. I felt bit saddened in his absence. I should have at least confronted his feelings instead of avoiding it. Again, Heights of Absurdity.

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