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Love at first sight!!


28 Sep, 2014 10:35 AM

In the whirlwind of mind-blogging activities, I frenzied in the library in quick steps. I didn't even look hither and thither, just stormed inside to acquire the necessary material for my college assignment. As soon as I stepped in, I rushed in so quickly that I didn't even realize that the door got slammed harshly; the sound exceeded the room. Each and every living soul positioned their heads at me from different angles."Ummm......I'm sorry for disrupting the silent vibe." All the heads swirled back in unison. Yet, only a particular head unaltered his head position. I saw a vicious smile on his face. On a closer look, he wore a red tie on his collar and a snap back hat."What an unlikely combination!" I wondered. His eyes stared into mine, it felt surreal because we kept staring for almost ten seconds. Eyes met; time started ticking; something was bound to... [Read More]

Tags: Feelings, Infatuation, Apologetic
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