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Fake friends. Fake boyfriends.

Sarah S

02 Dec, 2013 03:18 AM

I'm 17 years old now. I'm the type of girl that gets sick of people talking shit about me all the time and I won't put up with it, so I'll do something about it. I'm a depression, smiley, upset, happy person. I get a lot of mood swings. One minute I'm happy and loving life but the next I just hate life and want to kill myself.

It's all start way back in grade 7, but I finally broke last year when I was in grade 11. I was going to Vincent Massey and I had people who actually cared and loved me. And I had the greatest, loving, caring and handsome boyfriend I every had. That was a pretty good way to start off a new school year. But something change, I don't know what, I don't know how, but he lost the feelings he had with me. But he didn't tell me until later on. So he thought he can just used me for sex because I was so in love with him, so I won't see what he is doing.

I started talking to this one girl, he name was Kayla, after Halloween, and we got pretty close. I told her about what's going on with my boyfriend and I showed her, him. But what I didn't know that she was only using me to get to him, so I was stupid and thought she was my friend.

During winter break, I was with him everyday and I felt that he was different, he didn't treat me how he did at the beginning of the year when we started dating. On New Year's Eve, we had the bestest night we ever had. But the next day I left his house and when I was walking home, I got a text, a text I didn't want to read. It said "Sarah, my feelings for you aren't there anymore and I can't play around with your feelings anymore, I can't handle this. But I'm breaking up with you". That just broke my heart, after what happen that night...

Couple days later, school started. It was awkward and odd. My friend Kayla was acting weird to. She was always sneaking off and honestly
I didn't know what was going on, until during exam week. She went outside for a sec to talk to her mom, but what I notice that my ex boyfriend went outside another door at the same time. I knew they were talking to eachother but I didn't know they were dating.

Couple weeks later, I stop talking to Kayla. She was acting weird and odd. Later on that week I found out that they were dating, dating two days after he broke up with me. I was pissed and heart break. Honestly I hated her so much and it got to the point, I got into a fight with her, beat the shit out of her. Of course she got scared of me and got a protecting order on me of course. But whatever. I did what I did to her and I'm pretty proud I did. She used me and took my boyfriend from me.

Next to this year, I'm in grade 12 now. Hopefully have grad but not sure yet. I moved to Crocus, because I didn't wanted to be with all those backstabbers. Honestly was the best thing I ever did. I love Crocus, but the thing I hate about it now that there is this guy who just got to me for Halloween and used me. We dated for 2 weeks and all that time he was saying things that made me love him. But just like all the other guys I have dated, used me.. Now everyone at school thinks on a hoe and a slut..

But the sad thing is, on that last broke up, it broke me. I'm always depress. I'm starting to do drugs now and drinking everyday. And I'm also cutting, deeper and deeper. I'm just hurt how guys think they can just play with my heart and use me. It's just sad. Honestly FUCK LOVE. Not going to let anyone play with me anymore. FUCK THEM.

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cry baby says:
01 Jan, 2014 05:00 PM

ummm.its sad sis...:(

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Sincerely, Depressed says:
25 Feb, 2014 09:08 AM

First of all, life sucks I know, especially when you're in your teenage years and you feel that you have no control over your life even worse not much to look forward during these days besides your boyfriend and "friends" at school. It's been six years for me since I've left high school and it isn't till barely now that I'm realizing who my friends really are. We're considered "adults" now and have been for the past couple of years. And let me tell you that never in my life have I experienced the betrayal I have till now that I'm older and as adults. Sadly, there will ALWAYS be backstabbers and users and even when they aren't backstabbers or users, people will hurt you somehow. Whether they intended to or not, even with the people you love the most can just as much damage you and hurt you the most without even knowing it. (Fuck Love) Love is a very beautiful thing when you truly experience it. You shouldn't have to avoid love (happiness) or people by leaving and transferring schools just because you can't stand to see them. Be strong! Although feeling can be very depressing it's a very beautiful thing, to know that you can feel and you were given a life to choose for so make the best of it! I know how you feel when you say you're happy and completely mood swing to sad thoughts, But lets be honest who are you hurting anyway? Yourself, so fuck them, learn from your experience and move on to better things. You will ALWAYS bump into these kinds of people and as you get older you will be able to spot them easier than ever. You live and you learn trust me it sucks but you just keep getting better at it. Remember something somewhere will alwaayyys find a way to hurt you intended to or not. Words will always just be words, look closer for intentions and yes don't let anyone play with you. You're smart enough to let go I can see and that's great! There's so much in store for you, you don't even know... Been there, done that, forget the rest and just be happy. It'd be great to look back and regret nothing :) Best wishes to you. Have a great life!! < 3

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Sincerely Depressed says:
25 Feb, 2014 09:11 AM

Oh P.S I love your name! And being 17 should be the best!

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jas says:
26 Apr, 2014 10:38 AM

Its nt a true lv
..hw can a boy hv a long feeling
actually al teen r very mostly fake ....n its most important thing tht we must be wid our opinion nt on hw others luk us

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poopy says:
30 Apr, 2014 03:21 PM

hey. im here for you. ik how it feels to have fake freinds. i have fake friends that would tell me nice stuff, but would talk ehind my back, and its still going on till this day. so stay strong,

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Brad L says:
20 May, 2014 07:21 PM

hang in there and be strong

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Khadija says:
23 Jan, 2015 10:48 PM


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aleena says:
27 Jan, 2015 05:50 PM

first of all guys can't really get along with moody girls and secondly never trust any of your friend believe me you are equally at fault for involving your friend ,i would not even trust my own sister when it comes to my boyfriend but if you truly loved him he will have to pay for hurting you and that's KARNA ,I truly believe in it

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Kristinna says:
03 Apr, 2015 02:45 AM

Be strong Sarah..

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Cenny says:
10 Apr, 2015 05:04 AM

I've been in your situation, I feel you Sarah. Never look down on yourself, you are beautiful on your own way. Let them be. You have your own goals. Just live your life to the fullest, we support you Sarah. Be strong.

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akyeanor cecil says:
24 Jul, 2015 03:46 PM

this is the best story have ever read this year
man can never be trusted

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Akyeanor Cecil says:
24 Jul, 2015 03:51 PM

u never know what tomorrow brings
every mistake is a training for tomorrow, and there are more fishes to dive for in the sea,
give other people the chance ok

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the phantom says:
30 Sep, 2015 09:18 PM

@akyeanor don't include all boys cause we're not all the same, like me i stick to one although i have other friends (girls) that i chatted, but i dont told them i love them its just for fun especially when im bored. i love her, wish she could love me back the way i did to her..

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Sesha kar says:
27 Oct, 2015 05:13 PM

Like u i too hate love i too gotbetrayed from a girl

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Abbas khan says:
29 Jan, 2016 04:12 PM

I cried.when i read this :( sorry but dear dont cry for those people's whom let u cry when someone really love he will never let u cry at any cost

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hymii says:
10 Mar, 2016 07:15 AM

Wah soon touching, sorry gal I have experiencd this before I know what u feel, but next time don't introduce u lover to u friends

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Amy Styles says:
13 Apr, 2016 08:57 PM

This is a bitter truth bt yes love relates fuck :/

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Sapphire says:
09 Jun, 2016 12:04 PM

It's sad that this happens to you and I think that I might have depression myself but you need to ignore what other people think of you and find friends who like you for who you .Also do what makes you happy and if something makes you happy do it.Hurting yourself or crying won't help.If you want to talk about it you can talk to me about it.

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Rayna says:
26 Jul, 2016 06:21 AM

Hang in there,Sarah.

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Maria says:
10 Oct, 2016 03:50 AM

Yeah it hurts guys betrayed you and even me too but don't drown yourself cause of them you got to show them that your not the same teenge girl that falls for words , don't bring yourself down you'll find the perfect guy out there now you learn from mistakes now you'll know who to trust with your heart take my advice and don't live in the past live in the present forget about them ass**** you are strong and beautiful

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