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Cougars & Break Ups

Pierce Bonds

10 Jul, 2013 04:07 PM

In the middle of my freshman year, my mother had a job offering in New York as a secretary. We moved there into this condo complex that was offered to my mother by the company. I started school in this academy where we were supposed to wear uniforms. They were itching and stuff.

Summer came. I was 15 but I really wanted to find a job. There were jobs for people my age like mowing lawns or cleaning pools.
I cleaned a pool for a 27 year old lady who paid me 300 dollars that day. She said if i came to clean her pool every Friday i would get 350. i accepted.

I would go to her house every Friday and she would supervise everything. She was hot but i knew i didn't have a chance. One day she invited me in and offered me a drink. Without know what was in it, i drank it all. I don't remember anything after that. I did wake up next to her in her bed. I think we had sex but i don't recall. Before i left she told me,

"You're a good one. Don't let anyone take your love for granted."

I followed her advice as I started my sophmore year. There was this girl i really really liked. She had honey Brown hair and deep blue eyes. Every guy wanted to date her. Rumors started going around that she liked me too. I asked her out.

She said yes.

I had had girlfriends in the past but my longest relationship was 2 weeks long. I had lasted with her for 6 months. On our 7 month anniversary i had bought her a really nice emerald necklace that i had been saving up for 2 months.

During dinner, she asked me why i liked her. I said "Because your Smart, funny, beautiful, I love your smile, how you laugh..." Etc.
I asked her the same question. She said,

"Because you're hot."

I thought she was going to go on but she didn't. She was so shallow i didn't know what to do. I loved her. I didn't give her the emerald necklace.

I walked her home. At her doorstep was when i told her the three most beautiful words, "I love you."
She said,

"I know."

I was at a loss of words. She leaned in to kiss me but i turned my head. I didn't want to kiss her. I didn't want to see her. SO i left her in her porch without another Word.

She dumped me three days later. She said because we were opposites. She was right. But she had taken my love for granted and i would not forgive her. We didn't stay friend. Even though i was glad she broke up with me, i was also sad. I cried and cried even though she didn't deserve my tears.

When this summer ends I have to go see her again. My heartache wont go away.

This girl had single handedly shattered my heart and stomped all over the tiny pieces until it was nothing left but dust.

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ihavenoname. says:
19 Dec, 2013 04:00 AM

That's a sad story... im so sorry .. but you know there's more girls?.. right.. you can move on. ik ik its not that easy but try really hard.. nd don't ever cry over a girl let her cry over you. stay strong. c: nd smile!!

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