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Cougars & Break Ups

Pierce Bonds

10 Jul, 2013 04:07 PM

In the middle of my freshman year, my mother had a job offering in New York as a secretary. We moved there into this condo complex that was offered to my mother by the company. I started school in this academy where we were supposed to wear uniforms. They were itching and stuff. Summer came. I was 15 but I really wanted to find a job. There were jobs for people my age like mowing lawns or cleaning pools. I cleaned a pool for a 27 year old lady who paid me 300 dollars that day. She said if i came to clean her pool every Friday i would get 350. i accepted. I would go to her house every Friday and she would supervise everything. She was hot but i knew i didn't have a chance. One day she invited me in and offered me a drink. Without know... [Read More]

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