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love story gone wrong


16 Jun, 2013 09:50 PM

I loved him. I thought he loved me. He lied. Everything he told me was a lie. My friends hated him Now I hate him. The story beings now. The day we met he smiled at me. I thought he was just being creepy. Later I found out he lived next door. I went to talk to him to find out we have a lots in common. That day we stared dating. My mother is not one to like me dating, our relationship was just hated.

My mother worked at night so that's when he came. He would knocked and I would open the door and he would kiss me and we would just sit and talk. He would hold me this lasted for 3 months. That last day he looked me in the eyes there I knew I finally was in love with him. He kissed me and left. That next day around 1pm there was a bump at my door I went to look and I saw a note it was a break up note. He couldn't even do it to my face. My heart broke as I was reading it. I didn't cry because I knew I needed to be strong.

That next week rumors were spend the biggest one was I am a whore. Now every time we see each other there is nothing to be said he told people I was his biggest mistake. Now when I look at him all I see is hate. We don't talk anymore. When he sees me he looks away. My heart drops more and more everyday and I get more and more sad. My mother doesn't know about this and I hope she never finds out she would hit me and everything would come crash down.

I still dream that everything this find most of the time my dreams turn to nightmares. Not only I'm I slipping away from my friends. I am slipping from life. All because I fell in love and ended out lonely, sad , and heartbroken. Now all I have is hate in my body I left it out by cutting myself I never cry anymore I sit in my room and write or type about life. I say little words, eat little, and do little. This all happened because I tried to love someone or love now on the inside I'm dying slowly and painfully.

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Akash Thenua says:
06 Nov, 2013 05:11 PM

I really appreciate ur feeligs!
U loved some1 bt he brokd ur heart, b strong nd dot b sad for a creeper

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Anonymous says:
15 Nov, 2013 03:53 AM

This story was literally so sad. I couldn't hold in the tears when I read it. I guess its because my friend was in this situation too. Her mom wasn't dead and her father wasn't sick but it was kind of the same thing. She tried to hurt herself and kill herself plenty of times and she wouldn't love herself the way her friends and I loved her. But I guess what she was feeling must have been really bad to want to take her life. Anyways this was a good story!

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ajenabaldwin says:
18 Nov, 2013 05:07 PM

it crazy story because she cutting yourself

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Kate says:
28 Nov, 2013 11:28 AM

You have to stop hurting yourself. The guy who is the reasdn you are doing thing is no more hung to you. He is moving on. Try and move on. You will surely meet a better person who will love you more than he did. Pray to God 4 help nd talk to your mom. Try and make her understand.

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ihavenoname. says:
19 Dec, 2013 04:10 AM

please don't cut yourself. I do. but just stop doing it. I know how bad it is to look at your arms, legs, or anywhere and you see blood and scars everywhere... im so sorry. just don't let him/ love do that to you. please. .-.

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A_Friend says:
02 Feb, 2014 02:33 AM

This guy seems like a complete asshole, leaving you without warning and spreading rumors for no reason. He sounds like a jerk. I've also been lead on by a guy just for his amusement I think... I know this happened end awhile ago but be strong, I hope you're over him and okay now. But if not just know there's a lot of us on your side Kami.

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raidel says:
19 Feb, 2014 05:25 PM

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james says:
15 Aug, 2014 09:04 AM

Grow up! You act like your life is over.

If you hated him... You wouldnt still care so much.

Its over... Move on

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