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Imagine this


27 May, 2013 04:16 AM

Okay, imagine this. Being the most "popular" girl in the 6th grade. (As so I thought.) having all the guys like you. Always the center of the attention. You may think I am all for myself, but I am not. I am being serious. I was considered, the "popular girl" not one of those snobby types you see in the movies, like Mean girls, or your occasional drama movie. I was caring. I loved my friends, family, god, everything. I wouldn't ever let anyone or anything change me, and who I was as a person.

Imagine having all that, and thinking you're on top of the world, when a new girl moves in. At that time, all the guys started liking her. Yeah it's 6th grade, big whoop. But when you are in 6th grade, and having a guy like you, was like the best thing ever. Back to the story. I have always resented this girl. Her blonde pretty hair, her gorgeous eyes. She had a big butt, and boobs, from which I hadn't at the time. She always wore the cutest clothes, and always had her hair done nice. She never liked me either. I fact she would always tell me how jealous she was. Jealous I had him wrapped around my finger. His name, was Kyler. He was the most sweetest human being I had ever met. And I always had liked him. Ever since I found out in 5th grade how much he liked me, I guess I sorta "fell for him" I liked him a lot and she new that. But I never really got to the next step of ever going more then really good friends because I never wanted to ruin our friendship.

One day, we were on a field trip. We went to a camp , for the day, and I had found out he were to be in my group! I was very happy. But I later found out, he wanted to date Kenzie as he did with me. So I kind of ignored him throughout the day. I remember him standing by me, and me walking away. Looking back at it, I feel horrible. Towards the middle, I started talking to him and flirting with him, and stuff like that. I remember me and him hiding together during hide and go seek... It was terrific. At lunch time, him and Kenzie were sitting by each other. Of course, like any girl, I was jealous. I had learned he asked her out, and she said yes. That was it for me. I was to be flirting with him hard core, and that is what I did. I sat next to him, I was always by him and I was always walking with him. When we were on the bus they were sitting by each other. So every time I could, I would smile, and wave to him. Of course he'd smile and wave back.

The year went on, him jumping back from me to her. Me and her started to become friends. Like I said before I never let anyone or anything change me as a person, I wasn't gonna let a boy control how I act towards new people. When that year was over, we said our goodbyes, and at that time Kenzie was dating him. Yeah it hurt me, cause I never went for it and she did. But that wasn't the first time my "good friend" dated someone who I liked. For some reason, this girl came in and took everything I ever knew. Beginning of 7th grade, I seriously thought I fell in love. When I saw him, I knew he was a caring, sweet, and super cute. Before the school year, we went to a ASB camp for the day together. Well he was there as another ASB representative. In my town, we have a school that goes from k-6, and the upcoming 7th and 8th graders were to come to my school, which meant he was coming to my school. That day was so much fun, we were just flirting, and Etc. We were in First period together, and I swear my teacher knew I liked him. He always sat us together at the same group, and me and him talked a lot. We became really good friends. And we both considered ourselves as best friends. Again I thought I had it all going. But he never knew how I felt for him, until I worked up the courage to tell him how much I liked him. Shy as I am, I told him over text .. It went good, it didn't damper our relationship, in fact, I thought it made it better.

We were closer, and he then started to tell me everything. I told him everything as well. Around Halloween, me and my friends, including Kenzie, were at a haunted forest. My friends boyfriend thought he'd tag along too, which he found was a horrible idea, when his idiotic self blurted out how the guy I liked, didn't like me, but in fact liked Kenzie. Of course. I was devastated. She swore to me she never would like him, and I guess that made it better. But she then began talking to him. And. She dated him. I was depressed. Over a boy? Yes. I was very sad. Sad that she had done it to me again, even when she said she wouldn't. That 4 months was horrible for me. She would hold his hand infront of me all she could. Kiss him, and do anything she could to hurt me. She even admitted to me that she used him to get over kyler. Pretty messed up huh? When they broke up, it was a weight lifted off my shoulders. As the year progressed, me and him were back to close friends. And I was very happy. Happy he was mine again. And most happy they were done. Beginning of 8th grade we were still good friends. We talked a lot during the summer. Towards the end of September, and beginning of October, me as Dallas were texting. He told me how he liked me. And he wanted to take it to the next step. Stupidly, I told him to get lost. All those nights thinking of him, wishing he thought of me the same, for nothing. I threw it all away. I guess since then, he's always flirted with me. Everyone sees it. People ask us if we have a "thing" and in the back of my head I always wish we had, but we always laugh and say no. Right now, being the end of 8th grade year, I have learned a lot.

Not to get to comfortable. Never trust a hoe. And do what your heart says to do. Me and Kenzie are I guess friends, but deep down I still am shocked he thought it was okay to date someone her friend liked. Kyler, me and him don't talk. Actually, he is practically dating one of my best friends. I have to say, I am happy for him, and as for me, I am happy. Happy I have a best guy friend who I can tell everything to. We can joke, act like a couple, and flirt all a the same time. I never again will tell him how I feel tho, the thought of losing him? Not a chance will that happen. Cause I love him.
If its meant to be, it will be. I guess I will have to wait, and let life run its course.

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rova lova says:
26 Sep, 2013 12:27 PM

Kenzy is a bad friend, and i have a friend like her. Its so hurt... but we should move on

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kimberly says:
24 Oct, 2013 05:23 PM

its so emotional sometimes love is not faer am happy becaus ur so greatful to start it over again!!!

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daisy says:
27 Oct, 2013 09:59 PM

Omg so messed up... If my friend did that.. She's not a true friend

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lisa says:
13 Nov, 2013 07:18 AM

I am a girl like Menzies I admit that..not proud. I think I just want attention. I am also very depressed. With the cute clothes and pretty face. No-one ever really loved me. Thats all I want. Maybe thats what kenzie wants too

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WeLike says:
27 Oct, 2014 05:07 AM

I'm so sorry to hear this. We just lost our beloved Sammy the Cat this sumemr, too, and it took me many days to stop crying. Sending big hugs!As an aside, I'm more than miffed that the guy didn't stop. It was an accident. Own it. Running makes you look like the biggest ass. Glaring daggers in his general direction!

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c gurl......... says:
24 Oct, 2016 07:10 AM

honestly!! if someone had done that to me.. i would make revenge my alibi. but brave of you to say that to people and always keep a strong head yeah. you got this gurl!!!!

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